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1.What is your full name?
Beverly Anne Sykes

2.How many stuffed animals do you own?
I don’t know. A dozen? They are all very old.

3.One charity organization you think is worthy of your money?
Compassion International. I sponsor 14 children with that group

4.Favorite zoo animal?
This is a complicated question. My favorite zoo animal is an elephant, but I feel guilty about that because they do not belong in zoos or circuses or anywhere outside of their natural habitat.

5.If you could fly anywhere around the world, where would you want to fly to and why?
Africa, so I could take a photo safari and see elephants in their natural habitat.

6.Shoe size?
10 double wide

7.Favorite School Subject?
English and French

8.Have you ever eaten at the Costco food court?
Sure. Pizza.

9.Favorite pizza topping?
Sausage and mushrooms

10.What kind of laundry soap do you buy?
Tide, those cute little packets

11.Do you like to take pictures?
Heck yeah. I am drowning in real photos and digital photos. I’ve been taking photos for more than 60 years.

12.Favorite childhood toy?
I can’t think of any "toy." I liked books and puzzles.

13.Favorite novel/book?
"East of Eden"

14.Do you like to go on nature walks?
I can’t walk as well as I used to, but when I have the stamina, yes.

15. Pepsi or Coke?
Oh definitely Coke. Hate Pepsi (and yes they DO taste different!). Diet Coke, though.

16.What TV character inspires you?
Of shows on this season, Mel Fisher.

17.Did you watch the 2013 golden globes?
The only award show I ever miss is the Grammys. I love the Globes.

18.Buying movies or watching on Netflix?

19.Hamburgers or Cheeseburgers?
Cheeseburgers (if possible with Swiss cheese)

20.If you were trapped on a deserted island for 60 nights and 60 days, what 5 items would you take with you?
Assuming my creature comforts are taken care of (food, water, shelter, bedding), my Kindle (because it holds a lot of books), my camera, my computer (I am assuming I will have access to electricity), one of my dogs, and sunscreen!

21.Do you have children? If so how many? How old are they?
We raised five children. The three living are 48, 46, and 44. One son died in 1996 at age 24, another in 1999 at age 30.

22.What kind of car/truck do you drive?
Honda Civic (2014)

23.Ultimate dream vacation?
Photo safari in Africa (see #5)

24.Favorite Disney character?
Bambi or Dumbo

25.When is your birthday?
February 17

26.Have you been to college? If so what did you major in?
I majored in French at UC Berkeley

27.Chocolate or Vanilla?

28.Ever been to another country?
Several - Canada, Mexico, Australia, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Finland, Estonia, Austria

29.Favorite wild animal?

30.Are we there yet?
I have miles to go before I sleep

31.Favorite clothing brand?
I’m not a "brand" person. I don’t notice brands

32.Do you like to cook?
I can cook. I am a good cook. After 50 years of planning meals, I am tired of it.

33.Favorite household chore if any?
Organizing the contents of my computer

34.Are you bored yet?
How can you be bored with so many exciting things to learn every day?

35.How did you hear about swap bot?
Can’t remember. It’s been years.

36.Did you have a good News Years? What did you do to celebrate it?
My husband was sick, so we stayed home.

37.Favorite season?
Autumn, because it’s followed by winter. I like Spring too, but after that is (yuck) Summer.

38.Do you have a nickname? If so what is it?
My only nicknames are "Bev" and "Mom"

39.Your best friend’s name?

40.Pizza or spaghetti?

41.Enchiladas or burritos?
Enchiladas (preferably cheese)

42.Do you have any tattoos?
Definitely not

43.What do your lazy days consist of doing?
Watching TV or reading

44.Sears or JC Penny?
Don’t shop at either

45.Ever been to California?
I was born in California and have lived here my entire life. My home town is San Francisco and I love being from San Francisco

46.What TV show from your child hood would you like to see come back on the air?
We didn’t have TV until 1953, when I was 10. Most of the shows that I have fond memories of are from after I was an adult.

47.Body wash or bar soap?
Bar soap

48.What kind of computer do you have?
Dell desktop, also a Toshiba laptop and an iPad

49.Smart phone or regular phone?


50.Do you need new furniture?

We have never purchased new furniture. Everything we have is hand-me-down. After 49 years, I’d LOVE new furniture.

51.Where do you buy groceries?
A local market

52.Where do you buy clothes?
On line.

53.Ever had a pillow fight?
Sure, as a kid

54.Did your parents give you a car at the age of 16?
I am 71 years old and have never had my own car.

55.Ever been in a car accident?
No. But my youngest son was killed in one.

56.Do you drink?
Very, very rarely (usually I prefer water)

57.Do you smoke?
Never have. All of my mother’s siblings (9 of them) died of lung diseases.

58.Favorite vacation place?
I loved spending 6 weeks in Australia in 2003

59.Ever been to Canada's wonderland?
Where is Canada’s wonderland? We went to Canada (Banff and Jasper) on our honeymoon in 1965.

60.What are you afraid of?
Being cognizant, but dependent on others for everything (because of paralysis or dementia, or some other debilitating condition.)

61.What is your weakest link?
My inability to stay on a diet or keep a clean house.

62.Bikini or one piece swim suits?
Good lord, one piece! I have a swim suit. I haven’t worn it in 10 years, and before that another 10 years, at least

63.Ever been skinny dipping?
Yes. Once, in my parents’ pool. Alone.

64.Have you ever worked at McDonalds?

65.Rain or Snow?
Rain (we don’t get snow here)

66.Favorite comedy movie?
A Star Is Born (the Judy Garland version)

67.Favorite action flick?
Not a big action flick person, but maybe Die Hard

68.Do you like chick flicks?
I love a tear jerker.

69.Cookies or brownies?

70.Do you use a bath robe?

71.Scrunchies or hair ties?
My hair is too short for either.

72.Hotel or Motel?
If I could afford it, a hotel, but we usually stay in motels.

73.Do you believe laughter is the best medicine?
Not exactly, but it helps.

74.Do you like buffet restaurants?

75.What would you do if suddenly the whole computer system world crashed?
Read more, I guess

76.What do you think the future will be like?

I don’t have a clue. I would hope things would be better, but it will probably be more polluted and more corrupt and I’m glad I’m as old as I am, though I feel sorry for my grandchildren.

77.If you could be one famous person for a day, who would you be?
Bill Gates (if I could also have access to his check book)

78.Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck?
Oh Mickey, of course.

79.Spongebob or Patrick?
I don’t know who Patrick is and I barely know Spongebob

80.Lightning MCQueen or Tow Mater?
Same answer. Never heard of either of them.

81.Saturday or Sunday?
Sunday. TV is better

82.Advil or Tylenol?
Don’t really take either

83.If you could change one thing about the world today what would it be?
I would wave a wand and remove all prejudice and replace it with kindness and concern for our fellow creatures (humans, animals, etc.)

84.How many pen pals do you have?
No real pen pals any more

85.What magazines do you read?
None, other than whatever I pick up in medical offices while waiting

86.Favorite author?
John Steinbeck, Bill Bryson, Pat Conroy

87.What radio stations do you listen to?
When I listen to radio, it’s usually talk radio, or Jack-FM (Sacramento) where my son works.

88.Do you remember the 90s era well? Did you like it?
I can’t say I like the 90s. I buried two sons in the 90s.

89.Flintstones or the Jetsons?

90.What have you done to make a difference in someone’s life?
I have sponsored 14 children in countries around the world, fostered >100 dogs through the SPCA, worked as a breastfeeding consultant for La Leche League for many years, had >70 people from other countries live with us over a 10 period of time, transported AIDS patients to doctors’ appointments, marched for Marriage Equality and supported our lesbian friends until they could be legally married. Surely along the line I made a difference in someone’s life.

91. Blu ray or DVD?

92.Have you ever been to jail?
Only to drive a woman to visit her son (never went inside)

93.Favorite board game?

94.Do you still own VHS?

95.How much wood does a wood chuck, chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
He'd chuck 361.9237001 cubic centimeters of wood per day, which is the wood that a woodchuck COULD chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood. (Web site) Aren’t you sorry you asked?

96.How much is that Doggie in the Window?

97.Did Grandma really get run over by a reindeer?
As for me and Grandpa, we believe.

98.Favorite website?
Facebook and Swap Bot

99.Where were you in 1999?
Burying my son and doing grief work.

100.Would you like to be pen pals with me?
Sure, if you’d like.


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