10 Little Indians

by Barbara Beverly Scott


"Big Chief"
Stuart C. Scott
Born: Waterloo, Iowa, 1877
Died: Inverness, California, 1958

Little "No. 1" Squaw
Lucy Grace Kirkpatrick
Born: Santa Rosa, California, 1879
Died: San Rafael, California, 1960

Ten Little Indians
All Doing Fine
"Sam" lost her head
And then there were nine

Melva Marion Scott
Born: Crockett, CA, 1900
Died: Placerville, CA, 1969
Brain Tumor

Nine Little Indians
Out on a date
Jim couldn't breathe
And then there were eight

James Stuart Scott
Born: Stockton, CA, 1905
Died: Reno, Nevada, 1976

Eight Little Indians
searching for Heaven
Marge found it first
And then there were seven

Marjorie Olivia Scott
Born: Stockton, CA, 1917
Died: Carmichael, CA, 1980
Lung Cancer

Seven Little Indians
one in a fix
Betsy couldn't eat
And then there were six

Elizabeth Grace Scott
Born: Stockton, CA, 1915
Died: Santa Rosa, CA, 1981
Esophageal Cancer

Six Little Indians
well and alive
Jean drifted off
And then there were five

Jeanette Clara Scott
Born: Brentwood, CA, 1901
Died: Oroville, CA, 1984

Five Little Indians
Adding up the score
Paul got subtracted
And then there were four

Paul Allen Scott
Born: Valley Springs, CA 1921
Died: Richmond, CA, 1985
Liver Cancer

Four Little Indians
Up in a tree
Scotty flew away
And then there were three

Roger Lovell Scott
Born: Stockton, CA, 1914
Died: Portland, OR, 1993
Lung Cancer

Three Little Indians
wondering what to do
color Marie gone
And then there were two

Marie Lorraine Scott
Born: Stockton, CA 1910
Died: Oroville, CA 1999

Two Little Indians
tanning in the sun
Barb said, "I'm burned"
And then there was one

Barbara Beverly Scott
Born: Valley Springs, CA, 1923
Died: Sacramento, CA, 2008

One Little Indian
not having any fun
Wait for me, cried Chubby
And then there were none

Mildred Carita Scott
Born: Stockton, CA, 1919
Died: Davis, CA 2/10/2022


Written by Barbara O'Donnell



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