Funny the World...

April, 2002

Date Name of Entry
Apr 30 Blank Out
Apr 29 Hello, Knees
Apr 28 Birth of the Boobs
Apr 27 Don't Tell Bev Sykes Things She Already Knows
Apr 26 Sue Barton, Ladadog, and The Black
Apr 25 Life: A Review
Apr 24 Live "as if..."
Apr 23 Hang it up, James Bond
Apr 22 Moaning Becomes Electric
Apr 21 Baby Elephant Walk
Apr 20 Tiptoe Thru The Tulips--Again
Apr 19 Big Brother Is Listening
Apr 18 They Call Me a Cockeyed Octopus
Apr 17 It's All Relative
Apr 16 Bev and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day
Apr 15 The Twelfth of Never
Apr 14 Hurdles
Apr 13 Nobody Mentioned the Zebra
Apr 12 And Yer Pointe is...?
Apr 11 The Walls Are Closing In
Apr 10 No Easy Answers
Apr 9 The Tao of Biking
Apr 8 Just Call Me "The Refrigerator"
Apr 7 California Through the Back Door
Apr 6 Friday Five
Apr 5 The Massacre of the English Language
Apr 4 Hat Hair
Apr 3 How to Complicate Almost Anything
Apr 2 Famous Friday Five
Apr 1 In Your Easter Bonnet

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