Funny the World...

August, 2002

Date Name of Entry
Aug. 31 My Historic Breast
Aug. 30 Christians
Aug. 29 Lost in the Labyrinth
Aug. 28 Yo Yo Syndrome (lots of pix)
Aug. 27 Dream a Little Dream of Me
Aug. 26 Whatever Happened to...?
Aug. 25 Dark Victory
Aug. 24 View from a Yearbook
Aug. 23 The Full Monty
Aug. 22 I Just Couldn't Resist
Aug. 21 Taking Inventory
Aug. 20 In My Spare Time
Aug. 19 Hold Me Close; Never Let Me Go
Aug. 18 Elvis has Left the Building, Already!
Aug. 17 California Fried Journal Entry
Aug. 16 Imploding
Aug. 15 Bread and Butter
Aug. 14 Go for the Merman, Baby (lots of pix)
Aug. 13 Tinsel Town
Aug. 12 Southern Baptist Sissies
Aug. 11 15 Men on a Dead Man's Chest
Aug. 10 Pissed Off
Aug. 9 "Why Does It Take Five Great Big Guys...?"
Aug. 8 From the Hamster's Wheel
Aug. 7 73
Aug. 6 Run, Tom of Warwick
Aug. 5 Taboos
Aug. 4 No Person Is an Island
Aug. 3 Making Molehills Out of Mountains (lots of pix)
Aug. 2 I Think I Scan, I Think I Scan
Aug. 1 The Joy of Sweat

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