Funny the World...

July, 2002

Date Name of Entry
July 31 ...And So It Starts
July 30 "Follow Miss Baggy Butt"
July 29 Memories of Drunks and Lampposts
July 28 Ten Miles Before Breakfast
July 27 I Can Do It
July 26 I Just Can't Do It
July 25 Whatever Happened to Pin the Tail on the Donkey?
July 24 Being Realistic
July 23 Busy? Who Me?
July 22 The Ride that Sorta Wasn't
July 21 The Great Man Is Dead (and I don't care)
July 20 Photo Ops Forever Gone
July 19 Flotsam, Jetsam, Detritis, and "Stuff"
July 18 Seeing Red
July 17 Speechless
July 16 Officer, There's a Dead Body in my Freezer
July 15 Suicidal Squirrels (lots of pix)
July 14 Attack of the Killer Dildos
July 13 Fat Redux
July 12 The Biggest!!! The Best!!! The Brightest!!!
July 11 Hot Enough for You?
July 10 Confession Is Good for the Soul
July 9 Chutes and Ladders
July 8 Picture This (Lots of pix)
July 7 Pelican Brief
July 6 Family Wheelies
July 5 The Fourth
July 4 It's About Time
July 3 There's Only Enough Cheese Doodles for the Three of Us
July 2 I Know I left My Head Around Here Somewhere
July 1 Marching With Pride (Lots of pix)

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