Funny the World...

June, 2002

Date Name of Entry
June 30 Baring It All With Pride
June 29 Austerity Program
June 28 One Nation Under God--Maybe
June 27 Another Learning Curve?
June 26 Dont Forget to Register
June 25 Old Dogs and New Tricks
June 24 The Music of the Night (weird On Display collab!)
June 23 A Uniboob Kinda Day (lots of pix)
June 22 Gather Ye Roses
June 21 Not in a Million Years!
June 20 Excuses, Excuses
June 19 Now and Then
June 18 Not Dining with the Energizer Bunny
June 17 I Hate Steve Schalchlin
June 16 T & A
June 15 Called on the Carpet
June 14 Don't Push that Button!
June 13 It's All in a Day's Work
June 12 Nothing's Too Good for Dear Old Dad
June 11 Looking for a Little Support
June 10 Hate is not a Family Value (lots of pix)
June 9 Braking Wind
June 8 Pride Goeth Before the Fall
June 7 Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Pre-Summer
June 6 The Unappreciated Wit
June 5 Shoes and All
June 4 True Confessions
June 3 Too Mean to Die
June 2 One Hump or Two?
June 1 Making the Commitment

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