Funny the World...

March, 2002

Date Name of Entry
Mar 31 When Worlds Collide
Mar 30 My Generous Friends
Mar 29 The Death of Trust
Mar 28 Around the World in 18 Hours
Mar 27 Whirling Dervish
Mar 26 Queen for a Day
Mar 25 Tour d'Alameda
Mar 24 Dirty Laundry
Mar 23 Out of the Closet
Mar 22 Only God Can Make a Tree
Mar 21 Impatience is a Virtue
Mar 20 As the Journal Turns or Days of My Life
Mar 19 The Wages of Sin!
Mar 18 Be on the Alert!
Mar 17 I'm Specialized (this is for you, Gene)
Mar 16 Come Out, Come Out, Whoever You Are
Mar 15 The Numbers Game
Mar 14 Cold, Heartless Bitch
Mar 13 Unaccustomed as I am to Public Speaking...
Mar 12 My Life in the Fleshpots of San Francisco
Mar 11 World Wide Journal Web
Mar 10 Teach the Children
Mar 9 Look Out, Secra--here I come...!
Mar 8 The Pre-Breakfast Club
Mar 7 Create a Diversion
Mar 6 Stick-to-it-ivism
Mar 5 Is My Face Red!!
Mar 4 A Peanutbutter Kind of Day
Mar 3 Never a Doubt (lots of photos)
Mar 2 A Mary Poppins Kinda Day
Mar 1 Got an Itch? Scratch it!!!

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