Funny the World...

October, 2002

Date Name of Entry
Oct. 31 Invisible Woman
Oct. 30 A Kick in the Butt...A Shot in the Arm
Oct. 29 Finding My Inner Jockette
Oct. 28 Been There, Done That (lots more pix)
Oct. 27 A Marvelous Party (lots of pix)
Oct. 26 Finding the Key
Oct. 25 Who Was that Masked Man? (lots of pix)
Oct. 24 Walk a Mile in My Shoes
Oct. 23 Raspberry / Chocolate / Whipped Cream...oh My!
Oct. 22 What a Difference a Year Makes
Oct. 21 Read Any Good Books Lately?
Oct. 20 Bloody Good Show
Oct. 19 Jockette On the Road Again
Oct. 18 Burning Woman
Oct. 17 Spaghetti Legs
Oct. 16 Momentum
Oct. 15 Taxicab Wars
Oct. 14 Footprints in the Sand
Oct. 13 Fun in the Sun
Oct. 12 I'm So Ashamed
Oct. 11 Number, Please!
Oct. 10 How Many Activity Points Do I Get for Coughing?
Oct. 9 Come Fly With Me
Oct. 8 Loud as a Whisper
Oct. 7 Sex and Tim Tams
Oct. 6 The Baby Exploded
Oct. 5 The Plus Side of Being a Slob
Oct. 4 Dancing Onto the Bandwagon
Oct. 3 Big Blowhard
Oct. 2 I Like Me...I Really Like Me!
Oct. 1 The Long Wait

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