Funny the World...

September, 2002

Date Name of Entry
Sept. 30 Fire Breathing Dragon
Sept. 29 Honk if You're a Goose
Sept. 28 Flashes of Insight
Sept. 27 A Little Blue
Sept. 26 Pandora's Box
Sept. 25 The Importance of Perseverence
Sept. 24 Stereotypes
Sept. 23 One Step At A Time (this is a 2-page entry with lots of larger than usual pix, so I'm sorry for the length of time it take to load!)
Sept. 22 Moonstruck (lots of pix)
Sept. 21 Did Cinderella Have This Problem?
Sept. 20 My Feng has Shui'd
Sept. 19 Positively Orgasmic
Sept. 18 Wake up Call
Sept. 17 A Moving Experience
Sept. 16 "Doing" Hollywood
Sept. 15 One Small Step for a Woman
Sept. 14 What Do You Get Two guys Who Have Everything?
Sept. 13 Into Each Lifestyle some Cheesecake Must Fall
Sept. 12 7 Old Ladies Locked in a Lavatory
Sept. 11 9/11
Sept. 10 The Great American Pastime
Sept. 9 Is This Any Way to Run a Wedding?
Sept. 8 Look at me, I'm flyyyyying
Sept. 7 It's Only Money--Right?
Sept. 6 Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?
Sept. 5 Nip and Tuck
Sept. 4 They're baa-aack
Sept. 3 +36
Sept. 2 Tool Time
Sept. 1 I Never Saw Another Butterfly

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