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5 September 2003

My bags are packed ... I'm ready to go....

Welcome to the first page of the Australia diary.  This entry is very definitely uninspiring, but I promise it will get better.  As I post this, in 24 hours I will be in the air--it's down to counting minutes.

I don't know how often I will be updating.  When Peggy and I are at home, I will have a computer at my disposal all the time, so I will probably be updating most days, but when we are on the road, updates will be spotty.   Best way to know if there is a new entry or not is to join the Notify List because I will send out notices whenever I update.

I also hope to liberally spice these things up with photos.

But for now I'm going to cook Walt a "last supper," and attempt to get some sleep.  We leave for the SF airport at the crack of dawn tomorrow and I'm off for my Grand Adventure.  Can you die of terminal butterflies?

See you on the other side of the world...

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