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5 November 2003

Oops. It's 1 a.m. and I just realized I never wrote a journal entry for tonight. We went off to see Flower Drum Song in Sacramento and then I had to write a review, and I just never thought about a journal.

And now I'm about to go to sleep.

Theatre season has started with a bang. Actually it started when I was in Australia and someone covered for me for three shows. But I had this Flower Drum Song revival tonight and two more shows to review next week plus a new Christmas show also opening next week, though I don't necessarily have to see opening weekend of that one.

Flower Drum Song was a bit of a disappointment. Most of the performances were excellent and the costumes and choreography were great, but it's a revision of the original and suffers by comparison. The guy who wrote the revision, David Henry Hwang, felt that the story of a Chinese mail-order bride coming to this country to marry a rich American, and her struggles to fit into the new culture, was quite dated and he wanted to make it more politically correct.

Well, he updated it all right (she's now a political refugee, fleeing China after her father is killed by communists), but the thing is rife with terrible stereotypes and terrible jokes ("two whites do not make a Wong...," for example).

I was basically disappointed. But the Rodgers and Hammerstein songs are still hummable ("I Enjoy Being a Girl" is the worm that is presently lodged in my ear!)

Before we went to the theatre it had been another productive day and as I sit here with my straightened shelves, my cleared floor, my tidy drawers, my organized files I realize that my office is done. It is never going to look neat and tidy--I'm too cluttered for that--but it ain't gonna get any better than this, so I'm now expanding the radius around my whirling dervish and starting on the kitchen and family room.

I read once that a typical Aquarian trait is to ignore mess and clutter for long periods of time but then suddenly one day "see" it and fly into a frenzy of cleaning. That certainly has been my pattern throughout my life.

Of course this time my period of selective blindness has lasted decades, and I'm not sure that's what the writer of the Aquarian trait had in mind, but I have definitely now "seen" the clutter and am working to do something about it.

I'm also feeling very good about having stayed on the diet all day today. I decided to start back into this thing with a bang, following Weight Watchers' high protein diet in order to rid my body of carbohydrate cravings. I figure a week on this and I can add bread stuffs back into the meal plans for the day again.

But I stuck religiously to the eating plan and even ended up the day banking 8 points, which I didn't use. I also managed to squeeze in 15 minutes on the exercise bike, so all things considered, I had a very productive day.

But it's now 1:30 and time to get some sleep. My heart is in Australia tonight, waiting for news of Janne's dog, who was not doing well the last time I heard from Peggy. It's so hard when beloved pets grow old and start to fail. I have such fond memories of taking Peggy's dogs down to the park to meet with Janne who was walking Molly and Connie. Now I'm waiting to hear the report on Molly, hoping against hope that she has a little more time.

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