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6 November 2003

It was just about a week ago when the computer guy told me I'd have my new computer in "5 to 7 days." Since I hadn't heard from him since then, I decided to call, hoping the maybe by some miracle it might be ready this afternoon.

The receptionist told me she'd just a few minute before asked about another computer which was ordered at the same time, wondering when both machines would be in.

"We should have it for you by the end of next week, or the following week at the latest," she said cheerily.


There's one thing you don't want to do--get angry with the guy who is upgrading your computer. I knew that to do so would not be to my best advantage and I wanted to keep on his good side, but.....

another WEEK or more???

It's a plot.

The gods want me to finish this massive clean-up project.

They're all laughing at me. I know.

Well, I did their bidding today. I moved my clean-up/clean-out efforts out into the family room.

I have this huge collection of cookbooks, most of which I have cooked from over the years. As I've aged and the kids have grown and our "entertaining" (as I laughingly call it) has decreased, I find I use fewer and fewer cookbooks. In fact, in the last two years I've only coooked out of WeightWatcher cookbooks.

What was I keeping two huge bookcases full of cookbooks for?

So, out they went. There are some I kept for sentimental reasons, some for practical reasons, and some for reasons I can't quit explain.

I still have more cookbooks than the normal person, but I filled two huge boxes with give-aways.

I then hauled all the bags and boxes of books out into the trunk of the car and hope to take them somewhere this coming week. I'd love to be able to get some money for them, but I'll settled with a place that will empty the trunk for me, since I just about killed my shoulder trying to hoist the heavy boxes.

That, of course, opened up space on shelves, so I started rearranging things and tossing more things.

I went through the collection of mugs that have not seen the light of day in years. Saved the "special" ones, which have photos of the kids on them, but threw out most of the rest.

This clean up is kind of like moving. When you move books and papers, it's time consuming, but they are fairly easy to pack. Now that I've moved out of the office, I'm working with odd-sized bits (and running out of boxes in which to dump them!).

I'm disappointed that I won't have my new computer for at least a week, but I know that if I were to get it tomorrow, there would be a significant drop in productivity around the house, so I suppose it's basically a good thing.

But patience is not my long suit!

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