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11 November 2003

When I got up this morning and weighed myself, I thought Iíd lost five pounds this week. Seemed like a lot, but Iíd been very good about sticking to the diet eating plan and I hoped that the scale would at least come close to that.

It didnít. did, I guess.

I lost five and a half pounds.

Once again, Iím back.

I figure Iím ahead of the game this time. Usually Iím starting a diet around this time of year. This time Iím continuing the diet eating plan at this time of year.

I got kind of side-tracked last year during the holidays and never totally caught up again. It was up a pound, down a pound, up three, down two, etc. for most of the year. But I didnít regain all the weight Iíd lost.. Thatís a very good thing.

So now I know what I have to do. I have to have a plan for getting through the holidays. I think the new flex points will help that. There are 35 points to ďspendĒ throughout the at a time, or 35 at one sitting. With that much leeway, I can enjoy, in moderation, my motherís turkey stuffing (one of my favorite things) and a piece of pumpkin pie (I will only make one pie this year, so we donít have left-overs).

Thanksgiving wonít be here in our house, so I wonít have leftovers to deal with. That will help a lot. I will also be sure to be very conscientious in drinking lots of water for the next couple of weeks. Whenever I get very good about drinking enough water, the weight drops.

At the meeting today, we talked about lots of things, one of which was the idea of movement as play rather than as ďexerciseĒ (which always sounds so ominous).

Our leader was asking for examples of movement as fun.

I started thinking back, specifically over the Australia trip and how many things I could do that I would not have been able to do two years ago--I would never have climbed on a camel (even as awkwardly as I did--I still was able to do it). I would never have walked as much as I did (or wanted to walk as much as I did). I would never have climbed 100 steps up and down to explore a cave. I would never have ridden a bike along the Indian ocean. I would never have suggested going for a walk among the karri trees and would have missed the magic solitude, the electric blue bird we saw, being guided by a dove who went ahead of us along the path...etc. I would have been too embarrassed to agree to a plane ride over kalbarri gorge, thinking they would reject me for being too fat.

I think about last night, when we arrived at the Mondavi Center to see Garrison Keillor and how, when we were sent to the third floor, I automatically took the stairs rather than wait in line for the elevator. I think about parking a distance from Herbst theatre the other night and not feeling out of breath as we walked to the theatre.

I think about how I love riding my bike (got a new helmet--gonna get back on the Blue Angel again very soon now!) and how totally unlike exercise that is...remembering the joy of being all alone out in the open fields, with the rabbits running away from the bike path fence, the crows flying overhead, and the wind in my face.

I think about 2005 and being back in Australia, once again taking the dogs for a run in the bush, finding new places to explore, and determined to be more fit and able to keep up even better this time.

I will try to keep all these images in my head as holiday goodies and opportunities to indulge pop up. Diving into a bowl of guacamole and chips is a momentary delight. A handful of peanuts lasts for a moment in the mouth and a lot longer on the hips. Iím going to make it through this holiday season unscathed.

I want to weigh in the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and find that Iíve lost weight. Iíll settle for a couple of ounces...but I wonít have gained. Period.

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Kimba's bath

Today was "give the dog a bath" day.

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