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12 November 2003

I think I have a job!

I think that throughout my life I've only applied for a job--gone through that whole process--once, back in 1961, when I was looking for my first "grown up job" at U.C. Berkeley. I applied for three jobs then--one with the English Department, one with some other department, and one with the Physics Department. I definitely knew I did not want to work in Physics...which is ultimately where I ended up for four years, in a job I absolutely adored.

Never say "never"!

The next jobs were after the kids were born, when I did piece work for a typing service and ended up being hired full time when the office added "dedicated word processors" and I was the only one who could figure them out.

I got the job as medical transcriptionist because I was working for the typing service which did the transcription and I was paid by the typing company. Then that office closed, leaving me without a job at a time when the ob/gyn office was looking to expand its staff. They did some re-shifting of the job duties they thought they needed, and I landed up as the in-house transcriptionist for 8 years, and office manager for 2.

The job with Dr. G kind of happened because he used to work for the ob/gyn office I'd managed, we knew all the same people, and his current office manager wasn't working out.

The job I was (I think) hired for today was obviously meant to happen.

I went out for a walk with BG, a former co-worker at the ob/gyn office and we got all caught up on her kid's wedding, our kid's wedding, her being off work, me being off work, her trip to Hawaii, my trip to Australia, etc.

The next day she had lunch with MAD (really her initials!), a nurse who worked in the same office, who had just been hired by the county Suicide Prevention office, to do outreach to the area schools.

The next day the director of Suicide Prevention happened to mention to MAD that they were thinking of replacing the college work-study students who were doing clerical work in the office with someone "a bit more mature" and they asked her if she knew of someone who would be interested.

She mentioned me.

The director is a patient of Dr. G and knows me.

MAD called me.

I called the director.

I met with the director today.

It's ready made for me. First of all, I wasn't looking to start work until after the first of the year; they have a contract with the university which does not run out until the end of the year, so they aren't looking for someone to start until after the first of the year.

While I probably should look for a full time job, I really don't want a full time job. I'd like to have a chance of keeping up with the cleaning (assuming I ever get it all finished) and I don't know that I could do that if I went back to work full time and continued the evening transcription (which I probably will do). This is a part time job, probably 25 hours a week, four days a week (with Fridays off). Perfect.

(Of course, that's exactly the arrangement I had with Dr. G when I started...but somehow I don't think these women are quite the same as Dr. G.)

They asked what salary I was expecting. I told them what I earned working for Dr. G, and said that I realized my responsibilities there were more than where I'd be having in this office, so named a figure that I could accept. That was agreeable.

So the upshot is...I guess maybe I have a job.

I'm going in for two days of training sometime in December and we'll decide then when I can start in January. Now I have a deadline for doing the "first wave" of the house clean-up.

As for responsibilities, they need someone to do computer input, design a web site, figure out how better to use their computer, etc., etc. It's exactly what I would like to do--mindless work that will let me play around a lot on the computer, lots of variety, internet research, etc., etc.

Once again, it seems that what looks like the perfect job has fallen in my lap. (It's also right across the street from the health club--which means I won't have any excuse not to reactivate my membership!)

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