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24 November 2003

I polished my kitchen sink.


I polished my kitchen sink.

That ranks right up there with what I used to joke about–people who are so anal they’d wax the driveway.

But, my friend Nancy sent me to Fly Lady yesterday. Now this site, guaranteed to help you reduce clutter, was one I had seen before, in my “messy days” (that would be any day in my life before a few weeks ago!). At the time it sounded like an intriguing idea, but not for me–no way could I follow her program.

Somehow now it doesn’t seem quite so impossible.

She recommends starting with polishing your kitchen sink. She says that if you get that one thing done, it will feel like you’re really accomplished something. It involves soaking the sink in a bleach solution, scrubbing it, cleaning all the dirt out from any grout, polishing the fixtures, etc. A top to bottom cleaning,

I discovered something in the process. When the sink is clean, you want the counters next to it to be clean (kind of like painting one wall. You can’t do it!). And it works so well, that you want to try it on other sinks.

So today found me spending the bulk of the morning scrubbing sinks and counters. I feel like my body has been invaded by aliens.

However, I have to admit that it was rather nice that when the 12 year old computer guru from my ISP showed up to hook up my DSL line again (it was bad enough when these guys were young enough to be my children, but when they become young enough to be my grandchildren, it’s just too much!), it was nice to open the door without thinking “omigawd...what will he think of this terrible house...”

Not that what a 12 year old computer geek thinks of my house should bother me (and probably at its messiest it was neater than his bedroom...I can smell smelly sweat sox already...), but still I have died a thousand deaths whenever the doorbell rings for years, and it was just know...nice not to have that instinctive reaction.

The fact that I’ve spent a day on sinks should not imply that I am finished with my decluttering. No, there is lots to go. Enough to make it a full-time career. (I've discovered, for example, that when you clear a flat surface of all the clutter and restore it to its original pristeen beauty and then leave it for a few days, it collects dust! Imagine that. How rude! It appears there is more to this "cleaning" jazz than I was lead to believe!) But it has reached the stage where a day off to polish sinks or play on the computer can be tolerated from time to time.

I feel so...Martha Stewart.

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