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26 November 2003

They say that the day before Thanksgiving is the heaviest travel day in the country... there we were stuck in traffic, watching the sun go down, listening to non-stop traffic reports reporting that it was stop and go traffic practically from San Francisco to Sacramento in both directions. And we. were. there. I felt so in

In truth, it was only bad horrible for the first 20-25 miles, but except for little bursts of speed up to a maximum of 20 mph (woo hoo...speed!), we pretty much crept along at a pace that made me wonder if it might not be faster to walk.

When we hit the big 80/680 intersection, things began to clear up a bit, thank goodness, and it wasn't too bad the rest of the way.

I had spent the first part of the day--what else?--cleaning. I realized that I have to adopt a new mindset. Around noon, I was thinking that half the day had gone and I had not accomplished anything. But then I realized that by "not accomplished anything" I meant I hadn't transcribed anything (I have a mountain of tapes from the psychiatrist waiting for me), but I had been cleaning all day. In fact, I had finished the first wave of cleaning. Next wave is digging in drawers and cupboard and simplifying. But all the top cleaning and straightening is done. I could actually sit down, look around me, and not cringe. I think that is indeed "accomplishing something"!!

Walt had tickets for the symphony in San Francisco tonight, so got off work early and he dropped me off at my mother's en route (yum...another crab dinner!) so I could help her get ready for tomorrow's Thanksgiving dinner. He went on to the City and then will join us here tomorrow (after driving home tonight, then driving east to Sacramento to get his mother, then west back here, then back to Davis after dinner!)

We got to chat with Jeri this afternoon, which was special. She can't make it home from Boston for dinner (obviously), but it was good to talk with her.

We'll have a small group at dinner tomorrow night. Walt's sister and her S.O. are in Hawaii, and Ned & Marta will be with her family. So there will only be 8 of us--and I can't remember the last time we had this small a family dinner (though it will give us a good opportunity to check out all of Tom & Laurel's wedding photos).

So as I get ready to turn in for the night, I'm thinking ahead to tomorrow's holiday and the many things in my life to be thankful--life, health, love, family...and a clean house!

(that means I only have "world peace" on my want list for Christmas...See, Tom, I told you I had a fighting chance for one of my two traditional wishes!)

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