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27 November 2003

The turkey was stuffed. Now we're all stuffed.

It was a lovely, if small, Thanksgiving.

I woke up to a beautiful sunrise, made coffee, my mother and I had a nice breakfast of Cheerios and banana, and we each took showers and I spent time taking photos of the little birds on the bird feeder outside the back window.

We started preparing for the dinner--setting the table, stuffing the turkey, preparing the hors d'oeuvres, getting the veggies ready. We were watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade and then the National Dog Show, which just finished about the time Walt's brother and sister-in-law arrived.

We were a small group this year: only 8 of us. But it was a busy afternoon, because Tom and Laurel had brought PICTURES!!!!! Yes, some 600 (it seemed) wedding photos for us to go through. It occupied the better part of the afternoon.

Anybody looking for a good photographer for a wedding, lemme tell you, Alex Neumann of Thousand Oaks is your man. My word, did he take marevlous photos!!!

We only have about 600 of them to go through to make our selection!

Since we had our dinner somewhat early, the evening ended early, allowing us to get home at a decent hour (in time for me to spend 2 hours working on the collage above!) and now another Thanksgiving is under our belts. Literally.

Tomorrow the Christmas season officially begins. Groan...

Today's Photo


I actually took very few photos--mostly I took movies, so this is the only actual "dinner picture" from tonight.

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