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28 November 2003

In October, I wrote a guilty confession entitled "Very Bad, Terrible Mother." That piece was about how the only thing Tom asked me to do for the wedding was bring a photo, and I forgot to do it. Ned came through and saved the day, but I still felt very guilty that I'd let Tom down. I hope I'm not setting a precident here by today being a very bad, terrible mother-in-law. I've only been Laurel's mother-in-law for a month and I've already screwed it up.

Before Thanksgiving, Tom told me that Saturday is Laurel's birthday and asked if we could put a candle on the pumpkin pie. Naturally, I intended to do more than that. It was our new daughter-in-law's first birthday in the family and she'd be spending it--or two days before it--with us. Of course we were going to make a big deal out of it.

I was about halfway through my piece of the delicious WeightWatchers pumpkin pie I made for dinner when I realized that I hadn't even brought a candle, much less a card, gift, or anything else. I felt about 2 inches tall.

Tom brushed it off when I apologized, out of Laurel's hearing range.

"Don't worry," I said confidently. "I'll make it up tomorrow."

We were going home after dinner, Tom and Laurel were spending the night with my mother and then coming up here in the morning, on their way to see Ned and Marta and some of their friends. I figured I could make a fuss over Laurel's birthday when they arrived here.

They showed up mid-morning and Tom was sufficiently impressed with the clean house and we looked at wedding pictures again.

We stood around chatting for a long time and Tom was loading up boxes to put in the car when I suddenly--again--remembered that I wanted to make a big deal out of Laurel's birthday--make a birthday muffin or give her a card or a gift or something, and again had totally forgotten it. Once again, I felt about 2" tall.

So I was a very bad, terrible mother and now I'm a very bad, terrible mother-in-law.

But God is punishing me. I've finished the day with an intestinal "thing," which kind of came on me as I was writing this. I'm going to go slink off to bed and contemplate my sins for the day--and hope I don't throw up in the process.

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