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25 October 2003

It was beautiful.

I could go on and on about how well planned it was, how not a single detail was overlooked (from serving hors d'oeuvres to the guests while they waited for the photographers to finish the endless photos to the butterflies released during the ceremony instead of throwing rice or confetti). But I won't.

For one thing, it's midnight and I'm exhausted. For another, reading about someone else's wedding is probably very boring, and so instead I'll present a mini photo album so you can see for yourself.

I will, however, comment on one really cool thing. Tom thought they would be doing their first dance to some romantic song. What he didn't know was that Laurel took voice lessons for 3 months in secret and worked, long distance, with Jeri to record a song that she sang herself. It brought him to tears. He said he was prepared for anything but not for that. It was a beautiful memorable moment. But there were many beautiful, memorable moments!

Jeri and Laurel pose before the ceremony.

The bridesmaids.

The photographer took lots of artsy shots.

Laurel mugs at someone in the crowd after Tom puts on her ring.

Tom and his family.

Tom and his grandmas again.

Cutting the cake.

They left on a bike-powered cart.

We have a new daughter-in-law, and we couldn't be more pleased!

Today's Photo

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Of course we arranged to have a "second generation" photo taken of all the Newman kids who came, even if most of them were Blackfords--or married to Blackfords..

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Created 10/21/03