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Considered by itself, the act of writing is little more than putting marks on paper.  There is nothing about it that makes it ennobling.

At best, the act of writing is excellent work therapy and cheaper than a psychiatrist.

~ David Gerrold

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  • Our President got to go hunting and fishing on his ranch today, while more boys were killed in Iraq.  God bless the president.

  • Getting out of PT early so avoid rush hour traffic

  • The wonderful friendship of Claire and Penny


9 April 2004

No, this isn’t a dental entry (though after my appointment with Cindy tomorrow, I may write one then!).

"Pulling teeth" is how I feel about writing a feature story when I’m unfamiliar with the material.

My deadline for the dance article is tomorrow and I attended a rehearsal last night and interviewed some of the dancers and one choreographer. Combined with the great interview I have with the director, this thing should roll trippingly off my fingers, but as usual, I am suffering from verbal constipation.

I find that I write a sentence and then go do something else (like writing a journal entry). I took a whole hour out to check out and upload a test project for sale. Just to see if anybody is interested. If you would like to buy a 2005 calendar with photos from Western Australia, check it out.

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After taking that much time out, I was able to write four paragraphs. Whooeee!

But it’s always like this. Getting anything creative out of me is like pulling my own teeth. It slowly comes together, in stilted fashion, and then I go back and read over it, rearrange a few things and, amazingly, I have something that seems to flow and sounds almost like I know what I’m talking about.

But while I was stalling, I made another cool graphic using this "star" effect.

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I ran out of things to use to kill time, so I had to go back to writing, and actually got the article pretty much written up to this point, and will finish tonight after I attend rehearsal again (will have to videotape The Apprentice, ‘cause I can’t miss that!).

Then I got to take a few hours off to go to Sacramento and see the physical therapist. On the way I stopped at the newspaper office to check out the photos the photographer took for my article. He got some GREAT photos, most of which can’t be used because the editor says that he will get calls all week about using nude photos in the article.e The dancers aren’t nude, but they are in flesh-colored, figure fitting dance outfits and in the photos suggest nudity, since the dance number represents Rodin’s sculpture. Since we are so paranoid about flesh-exposure or hinted flesh-exposure in this country these days, he would prefer to err on the side of caution. Too bad because those are far and away the best photos of the bunch.

Finally I ended up at the physical therapist’s, where I finally got my knee assessed. The doctor had said that physical therapy would help both the residual knee problem from the accident, and the newly developed varicose vein problem. This puzzles the therapist because to her knowledge physical therapy does nothing for varicose veins and she has no experience with that anyway.

While most of the appointment was quite helpful, the news about the varicose veins was disturbing because I got on my bike yesterday to bike up to Joan’s for tea and discovered that I can’t bend my knee, now, enough to bike comfortably. In fact, I did finish the block and a half ride to Joan’s house on the bike, but walked the bike back home again.

I feel like I’m caught in some ridiculous mobius web or something. I lost weight with diet and exercise. When my compulsive eating got out of control, I’d go out and ride my bike. Well now, I can't bike, I can’t use a lot of the machines at the gym, even if I decide I can afford to go, and so I’m spending even more time in the house with food temptations.

She did give me guidelines for starting upper body work again, using either no weights or the lightest weight possible (makes me so frustrated because I was up to using 50 lb weights on most machines before this damn accident!)

But it appears that before I will be back on my bike again, I need another round of medical assessment to decide what to do.

The good news, of course, is that doing all of this allowed me to put off working on the article for a few hours, so I assume that I am on the brink of producing a masterpiece.  Tomorrow, when I actually am at the dentist's office (hopefully not to have teeth pulled), the article will already be turned in, so I won't need the diversion.


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Today's guest photographer -- the multi talented
Claire Amy Atkins
Australian writer - poet - photographer


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