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13 April 2004

I use Mail Washer on Outlook Express so I catch about 90% of the spam that comes through. You delete the e-mail before you ever download it into OE. The program is designed with the option of bouncing the spam back to the sender, but it was causing havoc with my server, which said that since the sending addresses were generally bogus, the bounced e-mail would then bounce back to my server and were causing mail to pile up. So I just delete them off the server and never read the ads for pen!s enlargers or v*i*a*g*r*a (it’s great how the spammers have figured out ways to get around filters which pick up on code words) or sexy girls in compromising situations with various members of the four-legged animal kingdom or with farm implements. 

Occasionally, however, spam does get through. This generally happens when spam is arriving into my account as I am downloading the mail I have chosen to receive. I don’t get a lot of spam because of MailWasher, but I do get some.

Thus, I have been intrigued a few times to find myself getting mail from "Christian Debt Management."

Now one thing that has always fascinated me is the kinds of spam that I get. Walt, for example, gets offered a lot of hot Russian babes, but rarely much viagra. I, on the other hand, could erect a structure of monumental proportions if I responded to a fraction of the ads for Viagra or the new one, Cialis, that I receive each day. Why is nobody offering me hot Russian babes or Walt viagra? Who makes these subjective decisions anyway?

And no, I do not want a bigger member by any of its technical or colloquial names, though there are an awful lot of people out there who seem to think I do. Have they never seen that I am a person with enlarged mammary glands and not likely to have any use for implements to enlarge anything below the belt. As a matter of fact, things below the belt are things I would like to shrink, thank you--isn’t that why I try to exercise and tone up those gluteus maximus muscles?

I do get lots of porn, which disturbs me no end. 99% of it gets deleted, but again, sometimes something falls through the cracks (no, that is not a double entendre, but it would have been a good one!) and on opening I will be faced with more drippy dangly bits than one 61-year old matron should ever see. I find the whole thing somewhat amusing for myself, but it bothers me a lot the thought of young kids stumbling upon this.

Since my web surfing consists almost entirely of journals, Steve’s message board, CompuServe, photo and/or camera sites, and travel sites, it makes me wonder what sorts of cookies I’ve set that would get me on some of these lists.

But the one that really puzzles me is the Christian Debt Management spam.  

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Don't they realize I'm the lady who writes the nasty letters about the Boy Scouts each year?

I was curious enough today to actually go to the web site and find out how "Christian" Debt Management differs from any other kinds of debt management.   What is debt counseling with a Christian perspective?

Do you get to write Jesus checks?

Does your bank statement comes with Bible tracts printed along with the transactions?

Is your debt manager more loving, forgiving, and Christ-like than ordinary debt managers?  Will he forgive you your debts if you forgive your debtors?

Does the Debt Management company refuse to do business with fags (‘cause God hates ‘em, you remember).

Just what makes this debt management company "Christian"?

Well, interestingly, other than the name, there is absolutely nothing overtly "Christian" about this web site. Unless it’s run by some guy named Christian Schwartz or something like that.

It’s just a run of the mill "we can get you out of debt for a pittance" web site.

No Christian propaganda.

No moral sermons.

No quotable quotes.

Just promises to consolidate your debt (I guess the assumption is that good Christians run up big debts) and get you a better rate so you can pay off your debt and spend more money.  I'm sure the whole reason for the name is to entice good Christians to choose this particular company over, some other named company.  Same reason one would choose Christian Credit Counselors, who also have absolutely no Christian content on their web site--it could have been any other credit counselor site, except for the fish sign in the logo.

I dunno...wasn’t there something somewhere about Jesus and money lenders.....?

Call me cynical but......


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What is Easter without Peeps?


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