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Bel Canto
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  • Peggy's friendship.

  • Beautiful animals, like the Clydesdale.

  • The chance to go traveling with my mother.




16 April 2004

As you are reading this, I’m either sitting at the airport in Sacramento, or on a Southwest plane headed to Seattle with my mother. We are going up for the Skagitt County Tulip festival--my third year to go see tulips. My mother is going to stay with a friend of hers who lives south of Seattle; I’m staying with a friend of mine who lives north of Seattle. I call this "poor planning"!!!

(Well, actually it would be good planning if the tulip fields were south of Seattle, but unfortunately they are about 60 miles north)

As usual, I’ve left planning for the last minute, and so today was spent washing, deciding what to take, packing, making CDs to take to Diane, getting my watch battery replaced, getting money for the trip, buying groceries so Walt won’t starve while I’m gone, etc., etc., etc.

First was to change the linen on the bed, so that my mother will have a nice clean bed to sleep in when we return on Sunday.

Then getting my clothes for the trip washed, dried and folded, cleaning the kitchen (‘cause God forbid I leave without shining my sink!)

scrabble.gif (53241 bytes)While I was doing this, I was running back and forth to the computer to check my ongoing Scrabble game with Joan.

Then it was time to run errands. 

My destination was the jewelry store downtown to get the battery changed in my watch ('cause you can't do it yourself, especially if you are half blind, and nobody except a jeweler will do it for you any more).

I guess I hadn't been downtown in Davis for a long time.  It made me feel like I was back in Berkeley again. 

Down 2nd Street came a line of university protestors.  The person in front had a bullhorn and was shouting something that the line of sign carrying protesters following behind would echo.  Unfortunately, I never did figure out what they were shouting, so I'm afraid that the point was lost on me.  Someone had a sing about education.   Someone else carried one of the old "La Raza" signs that I remember carrying when we marched with Cesar Chavez back in 1966.

By old Berkeley standards, it was a pretty pathetic showing, but it did draw a small crowd and a single police escort.  It's a start,  I'm sure Davis will aspire to bigger and better things in the future if this trend continues.

I stopped by the town's other used book store just to see if they had the sort of book I had been looking for 2 days ago when I was choosing my book to "alter" and was relieved to see that they didn't have anything either, so I feel good about my choice.

And of course you can't just pop in and out of a used book store--or any book store (at least I can't), so I wandered around looking at stuff (and bought 3 books).   As I walked around, one of Davis's street people was standing at the desk in deep conversation with the clerk.  The guy in question has wild curly hair and is missing most teeth.  When I passed by him, it was obvious that he hadn't been anywhere near water in many days.  But he was going on at great length about the lifecycle of some local insect, what caused the color in butterfly wings, and a number of other bug-related subjects.  The clerk called him "Mr. Science" and was asking him questions.   It was really kind of cool, and oh so "Berkeley."

Walking back to the car, I passed through "The studded people," people in black leather with lots of visible body parts pierced and studded. 

Two students sat on the ground outside the coffee house chatting.  They had coins on the sidewalk in front of them and were hoping for handouts.  I thought--jeez, if you're going to beg for money on the street, at least find a decent styrofoam cup!

It's not the downtown Davis that I am famliar with, which tells me how long it's been since I've been downtown.  In its own way it was kind of nice...we seem to be developing a bit of character, after all these years!

By the time I got home, my mother was here and we went off to Nugget Supermarket to lay in a supply of food so Walt won't starve in my 2-1/2 day absence.  There was a big crowd on the plaza next to the store, but I couldn't see what was causing the gathering.  

We went through the store, bought a few things, picked up some stuff from the deli to have for dinner before we head out to the airport, and then as we emerged from the store, I looked over at the crowd and there it was---a gorgeous Clydesdale standing there with a handler, and children coming up to pet it.

budweisertruck.jpg (67094 bytes)

I went and took some photos (and then superimposed this horse picture in front of the big Budweiser truck that was parked in front of the supermarket just so I could get the truck in the photo too).  Funny, but the image that I have in mind for Clydesdales is generally an old broken down farm horse and I was amazed at how absolutely gorgeous this magnificent animal was.

Came home, put away the groceries, set my mother up watching Dr. Phil and I'm now writing this and will then gather up my stuff and we'll be on our way northward.   Next entry will be written from Seattle.


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Taken on my walk with Barb yesterday
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