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Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.

~ John Ruskin

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19 April 2004

I have been doing unscientific research for several years now and I am finally ready to go public with my results.

I realize that this could have disastrous consequences and may cost me some friendships, but I’m willing to risk it. This is big. It’s like the Roswell Incident or the search for weapons of mass destruction. If the truth gets out, who knows what sort of Pandora’s box it will open.

OK--here goes.

You know how all the weather reports from the Pacific Northwest always show the state of Washington under storm clouds? You know how people from up there are always bellyaching about how awful the weather is, how they only get an hour of sunlight a year, and all that sort of thing? You know--the sort of information that makes those of us from Sunny California loathe to actually go up there, for fear of terminal mildew or fungus?

Well. I have to tell you. It’s lies. All lies.

Now there are those in the Seattle area who would have me believe that I have just been incredibly lucky that all of my trips over the last 8 years or so have taken place on the one beautiful day of the year.  But, hey, folks--you read my entry two days ago.   Do I sound like the kind of person who would have that kind of luck--consistently??   I don't think so.

And so it was that the forecasters predicted rain today and I packed up my warm little Lands End jacket when Diane, Mary and I went out to brunch today and what do we find?


ferrytulips.jpg (73943 bytes)

Now tell me.  Do you see rain?  Do you see fog?  Do you see gloom?  Do you see anything depressing?

I didn't think so.  See?  It's lies.  All lies.

This is God's country and on a clear day you can literally see forever.   The sight of the ferries crossing Puget Sound, back and forth, while we sat there eating our Andre's brunch was just....wonderful.

marywa.jpg (49889 bytes)It was also wonderful to see Mary again.  I last saw her 2 years ago, on my last tulip hunt, though we stay in close contact through CompuServe.

My one disappointment was that I wasn't able to introduce her to my mother, since I've met her mother and, since I've adopted Mary myself, it would be nice to complete that family circle, but that was not to happen on this trip.

We enjoyed our brunch and then went for a walk along the harbor here, where all the rich folks have their yachts.  There were several with for sale signs, an indication of the slowing economy in the Seattle area (and the fact that the golden age of Microsoft is now gone), but there were certainly still enough of them around to be a reminder that once this was a city whose streets were paved with golden microchips.

Unconcerned about the economic up or downtrends was this mother duck, out showing her kids around the boats.

ducklings.jpg (54411 bytes)

After we finished our walk, Mary brought Diane and me back home again, I finished packing, Diane had a quick nap, and then we were off to SeaTac airport, where I met up with my mother at the Southwest Airlines counter (in a funny twist of fate, I had been sitting on one side of the entrance way for 30 minutes and she was sitting on the other side!  Thanks goodness for cell phones!).

Our plane was half an hour late leaving, but we were able to sit together and there was still enough light that we were able to see Mt. Rainier as we flew overhead.

ranier.jpg (33962 bytes)

Our long-awaited weekend has come to an end and I remain unconvinced that the Seattle area is anything but a sunny, warm, colorful, ideal spot to live.

(Of course the thought has also crossed my mind that this may all be one gigantic hoax to lure us up there so denizens of the Pacific Northwest can sell us their homes and move, taking the sun and the scenery backdrop with them.  I will admit that in spite of all the sun, I didn't see a single person with a tan....  This may require further investigative reporting.  Stay tuned.)


ferry.jpg (63454 bytes)

God's country.


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