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Cats are the ultimate narcissists. You can tell this because of all the time they spend on personal grooming. Dogs aren't like this. A dog's idea of personal grooming is to roll in a dead fish.

~ James Gorman

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  • Being back on my lightning fast computer

  • I finally found a hanger so I could put up the nice light catcher Janne & Chris sent me from Australia for my birthday

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20 April 2004

Benny is gay.

Now it shouldn’t be a surprise that I know someone gay. I know lots of gay people. The difference is that Benny is a cat. Diane’s cat.

She has 3 cats--Hattie (a female), Jack, and Benny.

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L to R:  Jack, Hattie, Benny

Hattie has been there the longest, and is the matriarch of the household.  Jack is a semi-feral cat, who is skittish of everyone, but puts up with Diane because she feeds him and actually let me skritch him behind the ears once (to Diane’s amazement). He also pees in the house a lot, so he spends a lot time outside.

Benny is the gay cat.

How do I know he’s gay? Well, first of all, he’s more gorgeous than the other two, and very proud of his appearance. His favorite thing is cuddling with Jack and he looks at Hattie as if he can’t understand what the appeal is.  Every time I looked at Benny, he seemed to have his paws around Jack, licking his face, Jack's eyes closed in bliss, the two of them purring loudly.

And Benny is a hairdresser.

Benny loves hair. I didn’t realize this until I came home from Diane’s office on that disastrous driving day to have my mother report that Benny simply would not leave her hair alone and that she had to actually stand up to prevent him from licking her hair.

When I mentioned that to Diane later, she said she should have warned us about Benny. She later proved her point by sitting in the same chair and being immediately ministered to by Benny.

bennyhair.jpg (37896 bytes)

Of course, Diane has found a way to deal with Benny’s unwanted attentions to her hair.

dianeblanket.jpg (61304 bytes)

I personally didn’t have any problems with Benny attacking my hair. Mostly because I spent most of my time in the office chair in front of the computer, where he couldn’t reach my hair. However, he and I had disagreements over ownership of other parts of Diane’s condo.

bennymouse.jpg (35868 bytes)

Today was a day to unpack, wash clothes, and I just kind of was a lump all day.  I don't know why.  It wasn't that the weekend was such a stressful one.   I had trouble sleeping one night, but have slept all right the last two nights.   But I ended up taking a long nap today and have just felt unfocused most of the day.

It never occurred to me why I might be feeling a bit out of it today until I started writing this entry, which, as usual, is dated with tomorrow's date.   Tomorrow is the 5th anniversary of Paul's death.  I guess that's why it's a bit of a "pissy day," as Peggy always calls it.


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Gay.  Definitely gay.


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