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Love your body.  Be kind to it, nourish it, tender it.
It is the pure instrument of expression that allows you to experience life on this planet.

~ Ramtha

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4 February 2004

I made a decision yesterday. I decided to give up Weight Watchers for awhile. I don’t mean giving up the diet, I just mean giving up paying $10 a week to be weighed. It’s time to re-up with another $100 and I’m just tired of forking over $100 every 10 weeks. I’ve spent a small fortune on Weight Watchers over the past two years. I know what I have to do and I’m going to see if I’m strong enough to do it on my own. This could be a recipe for disaster, but I hope not – and I’ll be saving $10 a week by doing it. And if I get totally out of control, I can always re-join.

There is another reason why I’ve been having such a difficult time at Weight Watchers in the last month or so, that I really don’t feel comfortable discussing, just because....well, just because. I’ll tell the notify list, but I just don’t want to mention it publicly. Call it the "Bitter Hag" syndrome!

I will continue to weigh in on Tuesdays–and was pleased to see I’d lost a pound today. Don’t ask me how, because this was a week with clam dip and chips. But it also was a week where I didn’t eat a full "dinner" most nights and maybe that made up for it.

Also, I’m finally going back to Curves. One of my co-workers joined Curves and so we are going to be going together, which will get me back on that health-and-fitness track. I needed someone to get me started again and once into the routine, will continue to go whether she comes with me or not. We have a date to meet at Curves today at 4 p.m. and I will then start going regularly again.

I was walking to the car from the office yesterday and thinking that I was feeling "sluggish" and "slowed," sensations I remember from my pre-diet, pre-biking dys.  I realized that it was because I haven’t been eating consistently recently and have had little to no exercise. I actually remembered how much better I felt when I was eating right and exercising more. You’d think that would be a pretty good incentive for doing it again, wouldn’t you!

I did something else good for myself yesterday.  I am left with only one question:   why did I wait so long???

Marta. Ned's wife, has been working as a massage therapist for the past 3 years.   She runs Jakarta Bodyworks in Sacramento.  I have long though it would be fun to have a massage, but somehow I just never got around to booking a massage with her, though everyone says that she's great.

But I've been getting fed up enough with this arm that I decided to make an appointment with her to see if it would help.  When my free session with her teacher went so well on Friday, I was encouraged.  I've never had a full regular massage before in my life.

I can now join the chorus that says...she's good.

She worked a lot on my arm and after the hour when she compared my range of motion after-massage to what it had been before, she said there was a noticeable difference.   I could feel it myself.  Not pain free, but again, better than it was.

I came home and sliced meat.  The right way.  And it didn't hurt.  This may sound like a small thing, but trust me it's a big indicator of improvement in the arm.

So I'm going to see her for the next three weeks, to start, and see if that, combined with everything else, will get this arm on a fast track for finally getting better.

But over and above the arm, but was just the whole thing.  Get that warm air and those strong hands massaging my spine and I know why people have been raving about massages all these years.  I could easily become an addict.



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Happy Birthday, David


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