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They are playing a game they are playing at not playing a game, if I show them that I see they are, I shall break the rules and they will punish me Therefore I must play the game of not seeing that I see the game.

~ RD Laing

(I chose this quote 'cause i couldn't figure out what the hell it meant!

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Pholph's Scrabble Generator

My Scrabbleİ Score is: 20.
What is your score? Get it here.



16 February 2004

Pholph's Scrabble Generator

My Scrabbleİ Score is: 26.
What is your score? Get it here.

I loved this Scrabble generator that I came across today.  It seemed perfectly appropriate. 

My friend Joan and I have been in a Scrabble marathon for several days (weeks?) now.   We live just a couple of blocks from each other, but we discovered Scrabble on line and have been seesawing back and forth, playing at our respective computers.  Usually we're pretty evenly matched -- and those games are the most fun, where whoever wins wins by just a couple of points -- but occasionally one or the other of us gets lucky.   I really whomped her today, I fear!

I grew up with games.  I am the product of a mother who, as lovely a person as she is, can be a real Mrs. Hyde when she gets any sort of game -- card, board, or whatever -- under her hands.  No "let the kid win" for this Mom!  So Karen and I learned to play cutthroat from the start.  Many's the time she gleefully cleaned us out of all our money when we landed on Boardwalk loaded with hotels!

I spent summers with my cousin Peach (the one I recently designed the web page for).  We played cards.   Lots and lots and lots of card games.  Mostly I remember that we played endless games of canasta, but it seems that there were the pinochle years too.

Cards always seem to come out when you get a group of people in my mother's family together.  Poker, canasta, hearts, pinochle or even just solitaire.  One-person solitaire or team solitaire.

It's always amazing to watch my mother play anything.  She's a terrific player, but mean as can be when she's losing.  The story is that she once tossed a deck of cards at my uncle (or was it Peach's husband?) when she lost a game to him.

I don't remember playing a lot of games in college, but there was one very memorable game of Scrabble.  We played with another couple at the home of the parents of one member of the couple.  The two other people had to examine every. possible. move. several. times.   It was like a bloody chess game.  Every turn was taking 10-20 minutes.  Since I have never been accused of doing anything slowly, this game which dragged on and on and on was driving me nuts.  I finally think I screamed or something and just walked out.  I absolutely could not take it.  Needless to say, we never played Scrabble with them again!

When I was working for a typing service here in town, we had a group that got together once a month for international dinners, following which we would all get together to play Trivial Pursuit. 

I was always pretty good at trivial pursuit, having a brain full of useless information.   But I couldn't hold a candle to Walt.  There we would be, a whole room of people.  Walt would be on the floor.  Sleeping.  The game would rage on around him, while he was totally oblivious to everything.  Then someone would come up with a question nobody on his team could answer.  They'd kick him, ask him the question, he'd give the right answer and go right back to sleep.

Charades was the game that was saved for Lake Tahoe.  I don't know when we started playing charades, but it became "the thing to do" following Thanksgiving dinner.    The titles chosen became longer and more obscure and watching Walt's mother trying to act them out was always the highlight of everybody's evening.  She never did quite get the knack of never speaking.  It was sad the first year that we realized Grandma couldn't hack charades any more and it stopped being a yearly tradition.

Even without Charades, however, there was still solitaire.  Endless games of solitaire, sometimes three or four games going simultaneously.  It was a good way to sit around the table, visit, and keep your hands busy.

It was always kind of sad when TV and cable came to the condo because people's attentions were divided.  But there were still the solitaire games among the non-TV watchers

Now my games are mostly FreeCell played on the computer, or a frustrating game of Marbles (a great thing to keep your hands occupied while on a telephone converstion--especially a long, boring one where all you do is listen!), or I work a puzzle on JigZone.

Or play Scrabble games with Joan.  She's due for some good tiles and will probably take me to the cleaners tomorrow.



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I'm thrilled with this picture I took yesterday.


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