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~ Alfred A. Montapert

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19 February 2004

Scott was back today. He has this boundless energy, a booming voice and an enthusiasm that is infectious.

"Mrs Sykes?" he yelled as he came in the front door. "I’m here to do some more work..." and off he bounded up the stairs.

Soon he was bouncing down again.

"Mrs. Sykes?" he called out. "We need to talk."

I went upstairs and he brought up the tile and paint subjects. Thanks to everyone’s input, we’re going to go with some shade of grey, perhaps with a tint of something in it. I was going to go with the cheaper linoleum but by this time, Walt had dragged himself in from the bedroom, where he was having his own sick day, and decided that if we’re going to do it, we should do it right and we’re going with ceramic tile, again in a shade of grey.

The patches on the wall have to dry for a couple of days, but then he’ll be back and we’ll start the real work.

In a flash he was down the stairs, out into his truck and on the road again.

I felt like I should look to see if he left a silver bullet behind on the bathroom counter.

It was just the shot in the arm I needed today. A bit of something exciting to look forward to.

Actually, I have several exciting things coming up in the foreseeable future. Today I made reservations to see The Big Voice (remember that?) In Chicago the weekend of March 26. We’ll fly in on Thursday and home again on Sunday and hope to hook up with our friend Ellen, from CompuServe while we’re there.

We’ve never been to Chicago. We’ve been IN Chicago many times, but never got out of the airport. This time we’ll be staying at a 4-star hotel, which is having a too-cheap-to-pass-up weekend rate, getting a chance to see a bit of Chicago, and check out how the show is coming along.

That’s March.

In April, my mother and I are flying to Seattle to see the tulips again. My mother has a friend living outside of Seattle, and I’ll be staying with my friend Diane. The plan is that all of us will go together to see the tulips.

And there you have my April travel plans.

As a birthday present, my friend Olivia decided to fly me up to Boise to visit her, since she has recently broken her knee (no, it’s not a simple break–nothing with Olivia is ever simple) and won’t be traveling for awhile. So I’ll be spending Memorial day weekend in Boise and finally getting to meet Olivia’s new dog, Skippy.

That's May.

June is still open, so if anybody wants to give me a plane ticket to come and see them, just let me know. :)

A new bathroom and three trips coming up. It makes me smile just thinking about it.

It's enough to brighten even the most painful of days.


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