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Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

~ Martin Luther King Jr.

(yeah, I used it yesterday, but it fit so perfectly with setting up my "Defend Equality" page that I wanted to use it again)

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27 February 2004

My list reads:

  • snack and drink
  • folding chair
  • cushion
  • blanket
  • comfortable shoes and clothing
  • notebook or tablet
  • pen or pencil
  • a rock the size of your fist
  • a candle and holder
  • "give-aways" (something from the earth)
  • A song you like

I am headed off to a women’s circle this weekend and I am wondering what in the hell I’m doing.

One of my cousins is into the whole women/spirit/nature/etc. thing and has invited me several times to join her at a "drum circle." I was actually going to go once, but something else came up and I was unable to do it.

Shortly before the deadline for registering for this "thing," whatever it is, came up, we had the report that her lung cancer had metastasized and she wasn’t expected to live much longer.

Well, gee....this is so important to her and, even though it doesn’t hold the slightest interest for me and it’s costing me $60 I can't afford, I know it’s been very important to her that I attend, so what the heck.

The fun of it  was that it was going to be a group thing. My other cousin (the one with the web site) and her daughter were going to pick me up, we'd drive to my mother's together, giving me a chance to get to know the daughter a bit better, and we’d all have "girls night" at my mother’s and then go to the circle on Saturday.

Well, it’s not quite turning out the way I anticipated.

First, it turns out that the lab rechecked Cousin #1's results and they don’t think her cancer has metastasized after all (which is, of course, happy news, unless you’ve paid $60 you don't have to do something you don’t want to do just to make her dying wish come true).

Then it turns out that Cousin #2 isn’t driving after all. It just sorta kinda slipped her mind and she never thought to tell me that her daughter isn’t coming and that I would have to drive. It never occurred to her that Walt might need the car. And when I mentioned that I’d have to check with him about the car, she kind of shrugged it off as unimportant.

Now she and her husband have two cars, but she is incapable of driving 40 minutes to my house, so he has to drive her here and I will have to drive to my mother’s to attend the thing I don’t want to attend in the first place, leaving Walt here without a car for two days.

Is there something wrong with this picture?

[And yes, I realize I have "DOORMAT" stamped across my face.]

I’m also exhausted. I hosted a lovely dinner here tonight for Walt’s birthday, but I was on my feet all day, cleaned the kitchen at least six times (with one more to go before I go to bed).

barkley.gif (12198 bytes)It was a really nice gathering of six people from the Comic Opera and Barkley, the new beagle of one of the couples. We talked religion and politics and gay marriage and doggie training. There were balloons and champagne and sparkling cider and lemon meringue pie and now dishes to do and a report to finish before I go to bed.

In the morning I need to find a rock and "something from the earth."



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Photo by Claire Amy Atkins
(another Aussie bird--the one on the branch, that is)

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