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3 August 2005

"Instead of the puppy, can I bring you an Eddie-like dog that was neutered today?" asked Ashley in e-mail.

The plan had been that Sydney was going to come back and stay here two weeks while he recovers from surgery.   That would free up his current foster home to keep Shortstop, the pit-bull. 

"Sure, I answered."

I feel like I've entered the world of musical dogs.

Petey1.jpg (29235 bytes)In time, Ashley showed up with the "Eddie-like dog," whose similarity to Eddie ended with "white dog." 

"What's his name?" I asked.

"You get to name him," Ashley said, so based on the ring around his eye, I've named him Petey (for the dog in the Little Rascals movies).

When I opened the door Ashley was standing there with a taut leash.   The end of the leash disappeared beyond the door frame.  It was Petey, terrified, feet planted, tail firmly tucked between his tail, and refusing to move.

Sheila was, of course, dancing a jig trying to get free (I was holding her collar) so she could go and see him.  To my surprise, Kimba walked outside, tail wagging and gave Petey a sniff.  Kimba is not generally the Welcome Wagon.

Ashley finally gave up getting Petey to move, so she picked him up and carried him out to the back yard, where she let him loose.  Sheila immediately decided to let him know she was ready to play.  Petey was definitely not ready to play and cowered every time she raced by him.

Ashley stayed about half an hour, me sitting on one side of the yard, she on the other.  Petey kept going back and forth between us, getting gradually a bit more comfortable.  He never actually relaxed, but the tail did tentatively wag a couple of times and he gave a few kisses.

We decided he would fit in all right here and Ashley took off. 

I left Petey outside for awhile, but after Sheila and Kimba came in the house thru the dog door, he finally figured out that the others dogs were in and he was out and he began politely whining and pawing at the door, so I let him in, but cautiously, since we had no idea what his stage of "housebroken-ness" was.  He needs a bath, but I didn't want to add that trauma to what he was already experiencing.

PeteySleep.jpg (27817 bytes)He sat in my lap (kind of a big lap dog, but he was so happy) while I watched a movie and when I got up to move around, he found himself a hidden niche between my chair and the CD case to hide.

When it came time to go to sleep, Ashley had suggested crating him, since we had no idea if he would decide to go mark his territory all night long, but he was sleeping so soundly that I decided to leave him.  However, I couldn't go to sleep, halfway keeping on my guard about anything he would do.  Finally, when he tentatively got up from where he was lying and slowly began to head for my office, I decided that I would crate him after all, if only so I could get some sleep.

You wouldn't get resistance about a cage from this timid dog.   He wasn't happy about being back behind bars again, but offered no resistance.   He and I then went to sleep.

In the morning it was a new dog.  Ears up, tail wagging, happy to be out in the cage and actually tentatively playing with Sheila, though still not entirely sure about this obstreperous big creature.  But it was nice to see him beginning to come out of his shyness.

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He's a sweet little guy who is going to make a nice pet for someone.   I hope that by Saturday, when he goes up to Petco to see if he can find someone who wants to take him home, he's opened up even more and become comfortable around Sheila, who is just dying to chase him around the back yard!


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