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15 August 2005

Unfortunately, in this day and age, it's not an unfamiliar story.   Her mother had an affair while her husband was out of town and a child was conceived.  The child was born with a deformity and was unloved and rejected by both her parents.

By the time she went to school, she had already suffered her share of abuse and rejection, but was taunted and bullied by her fellow students, so that she retreated further into her shell.

She tried getting involved in political causes, but it seemed that everything she tried backfired. 

Her sister died under very unusual circumstances and the man she loved was attacked and murdered.  It was the last straw and she vowed she would never do another good deed in her life.

And she didn't.  Unfortunately, she died, hated by all, when a little girl threw a bucket of water and melted her.

Yes, the story is of Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West, in a view from the witch's side of how she became wicked.

Several months ago, someone directed me to one of the songs in the musical, Wicked ("Defying Gravity") and I liked it so much I bought the CD.  Since then it's become my favorite CD to play in the car, and I really wanted to see the show itself.

Proving our differences in tastes, Steve offered his comment on the show:

I saw it. Funny script. Really lousy score. This is what nerds think rock sounds like. LOL. And his lyrics! Sheesh.

Well, no accounting for taste.

When I heard the show was returning to San Francisco (where it got its start, before moving to Broadway), I knew I had to see it.  I started trying to get tickets several months before they actually went on sale, and so set an alarm on my computer calendar for the day tickets were going to be available.

It was a big dose of reality.  For five years I've seen everything that has come to the Davis/Sacramento area and have had the best seats in the house for free.  I asked my editor if there was any chance we could justify my reviewing Wicked, but it was a no-go, so I had to buy tickets. 

Tickets in the section where I would be sitting if I were seeing it here are $250-$350.  Each.  Plus that damn "handling fee."  Each.  (Do you know they would charge me $7 to EMAIL me the tickets???)  My goodness!   Well, I didn't want to see it that much.  I was able to get seats in the "nosebleed section" of the balcony for a "mere" $45 per ticket.    At least it was the front row, but it was as far to the side as you could get.

We went down to SF early in the day and met Steve for dinner.   We were an hour late due to horrendous traffic, but it was still nice to see him and do some chatting face to face.  Fortunately we had picked an early time to meet, so we still were able to get in a good visit before Walt and I had to get over to the theatre.

Approaching The Orpheum, I thought perhaps I'd misread the advertising and didn't realize there was a dress code for Wicked, so many people were dressed in green.  But they let me in despite my "de-greenified" state.  We climbed up and up and up and up into the rafters and to our seats, which were surprisingly good, even if they weren't downstairs center, like I'm used to!

Steve had also said that teen age girls love it.  Well, call me a teen age girl.  I loved it.  Of course I wasn't looking for "rock," just a good story, and hummable tunes.  And it didn't hurt, of course, that I have such a strong "Wizard of Oz" background!

Most of all, it had a good message--which is that things are not always what they appear to be, and before you condemn someone, it might help to get to know something about them first.

That, and stay away from little girls with water buckets.


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Created 8/8/05

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