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18 August 2005

What did we do before blogs?  Before journals?  Before the internet.

This brief slide show speculates on that very thing.

However, that's not what this entry is about.  I'm sitting here humming things like "Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee" (who is 63 now, by the way!) and "Beauty School Drop Out" and "You're the One that I want." 

I can only mean one thing:  I reviewed Grease last night.

Our kids loved Grease.  It has all those catchy tunes, and a nice happily ever after love story and nice dancing and colorful costumes.   What's not to like?


The plot for one thing.  When Grease was being shown on TV around here in the days of our children's youth, I never stopped to actually pay attention to what was really going on -- and what the message getting across to our kids was.

Think about it.

thumb_Grease2.jpg (66819 bytes)Nice boy meets nice girl during the summer.  They fall in love but must part at the end of summer.  So far so good.

Girl moves to new town and--wonder of wonders, boy attends the same school where she is going to enroll.  It's downhill from here on.

The boy turns out to be a "greaser" who doesn't want to embarrass himself in front of his friends by admitting that he loves this nice girl, so he rejects her at every step of the way.

The girl finally realizes that the way to win him is to become one of the "bad" girls -- take up smoking and drinking and wearing provocative clothes and acting very sexy.  Now he's not embarrassed to admit he likes her.

And everybody lives happily ever after.  And that's the way it should be, wahoo,yeah.

Try getting that on a prime time sit com, past the politically correct censors, these days!  Yet it remains the 11th longest running show on Broadway.

However, even though I discuss the plot of the show in my review, I really don't care that it's so terribly un-PC.  It's a fun show and the Music Circus cast does a great job with it.

And you have to admit that nobody writes lyrics like this any more:

We go together, like rama, lama, lama, kadingy, kading-a-dong, Remember forever, as shoowop, shoowally, wally, yippity, boom-de-boom, Chang-chang, changadee-chang-chibop, that's the way it should be, wahoo,yeah

Kinda brings a tear to the eye, doesn't it.

I spent far too much time yesterday checking out the world of vlogging.  I feel like Dorothy opening the door of her farmhouse and stepping into Munchkinland.  I knew the world existed, but I had no idea it was so vast and so varied.

There's lots of crap, but also lots of very, very good stuff.   My favorite (so far) is Rocketboom, which is a daily news report.  Every film that I've seen has been very good, with interesting content, people who are comfortable being on screen and who know how to work with a camera, and reports from "reporters" around the world, which is a great plus to this new world--the chance to see "up close and personal" the places where people are connecting from.

Millie's a piker!  I said yesterday that Millie Garforth, at 81, is one of the world's oldest bloggers.  Meet Caleb Shikles, blogging, podcasting and video blogging at 93!!


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Steve performing with Preoccupied Pipers
(Jeri at left, Marta at right, Ned in back with the long wig)

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