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23 August 2005

I've just come through an orgy, and boy am I tired.

Well, actually, I had the weekend to recover so I'm feeling a bit more normal now, but it sure was a busy week.  I feel almost like a professional.

Starting with last Monday, I had the final of an article to turn in.   You know--just like a real writer.

On Tuesday, Ellen and I went to see Cabaret at Music Circus in Sacramento.  I don't think I'd reviewed Cabaret before.  I'd seen it, of course, but I don't think I'd reviewed it before.  Good production but I have to admit that in this case, I preferred the movie--I think the movie gives a stronger impact.

Wednesday I had the evening off because Walt was getting back from his month in D.C. and I had to pick him up at the airport (and there were no shows opening that night).

Thursday Walt went off to San Francisco to see the kids perform while I went to Sacramento with my friend Nancianne to see the opening of the Fat Cow Theatre Festival, a production of an original comedy called American Chippendale.   It was described as "Neil Simonesque," and it wasn't quite that, but it was a fun show and I was happy to give it a good review and get the festival off on a good foot.

Friday Walt and I went back to the Fat Cow Festival to see another original play, James McKinley .  Five years ago, seeing a new play would scare the bejeezus out of me because it would mean I had to actually make up my own opinion about it and not get back-up from others who had reviewed the play before.   I'm less and less afraid of that now.  I'm afraid that James McKinley was not to my liking, and, as uncomfortable as it made me to say so, I did.

Saturday it was a busman's holiday.  No plays to review, but we were in San Francisco to see Wicked.   It was nice to see a show that I didn't have to drive home and write a review about, but still it was another night of theatre.

Sunday, since there were no plays to review, we went off to the movies with Jeri, seeing March of the Penguins

Monday I actually stayed home and did not see or review anything, but Tuesday I went to another Music Circus production, this time to review Grease

Wednesday we were back at Fat Cow Theatre Festival again (sitting in front of the director for James McKinley!).  This time it was for a multi-media production called After the Falderal, which I liked very much.   It was a weird night because of the four of us in the audience (who comes out to experimental theatre on a Wednesday night?), three of us had already seen this production.  So it was really a performance only for Walt, but it was still good and I was happy to be able to give it a good review.

I still feel like I'm playing at being a reviewer ("I'm not really a reviewer, but I sometimes play one at The Davis Enterprise").   When I listen to other reviewers--real reviewers--I know that even five years down the road, I don't have the confidence or the education or the background that I should have, but at least I am braver these days and feel I have learned something from doing all these reviews.

It's nice having the opportunity to see so many shows, but when I have a run like this last week, by the end of the week, I really do feel "Oh damn...I have to go review another show."  I usually have a good time when I get to the theatre, but the thought of just getting up and going doesn't get me as excited as I might be.

I only have two shows coming up this week--The King and I at Music Circus tomorrow night and Barefoot in the Park at the Woodland Opera House on Friday.

Between now and then I have to do research on and arrange for an interview with someone from The Mime Troupe in San Francisco, which is coming to give a performance in Davis in mid-September.  (That's the kind of show I don't review because it's a one-performance deal and we don't review shows where the review would give a potential audience member information to decide whether or not they want to see the production.

So it was a week-long orgy, but things are calming down now.   The theatre festival(s) are over, this week is The Music Circus' last production of the year, school is still on vacation, so there are no high school or university productions, and until the fall theatre season starts, I can breathe easy for a couple of weeks.


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Jasmine gave me one more gift before she left.
(She's sitting in front of what was once Sheila's bed)
--at least she knows how to sit and stay on command--

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