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26 August 2005

First of all, if today's Photo of the Day is one that you've seen before, go back to yesterday's entry.  You must see the new Photo of the Day, more appropriate to the entry, that I added last night.  (I asked Ned about posting it and he said "I have nothing to hide."  Obviously.)

Cindy Sheehan has returned to her vigil in Crawford, Texas.  (For those not in the U.S. who follow this journal, Mrs. Sheehan's son, Casey, was killed in Iraq and she has taken up residence outside of President Bush's vacation home, requesting that he see her and explain to her the reason why her son gave up his life.)

I have been struggling with how I feel about Mrs. Sheehan's vigil.   It pains me mightily to feel like I agree with the man in the White House about anything, but I have to admit that I think his meeting with her would be a mistake, as much as I am against this war, as angry as I am for the reasons why we are in Iraq, and as sympathetic as I am toward a mother who has lost a son.

The problem with meeting with her is that it would, indeed, open the door for anybody to make similar demands.  (I'd like to say that this would clog up his time and keep him from running the country, but I have to laugh at that idea.   Maybe seeing her would be a good idea--at least we'd know he was doing something positive.)

However, that said, I disagree highly with how he is handling this whole thing...and I hope it comes back to bite him in the derriere.  He stands at the mic, that goddam smirk on his face and he speaks the words, but you get the idea that he thinks this whole thing is funny, knowing that he is unreachable and she can sit there, ignored, as long as she likes.

Photos of her standing on the road, her son's picture in her hand, a sign saying "please talk to me" as his car speeds by give the impression of a cruel, unfeeling man.

Surely there is some compromise that could be made, at least a compromise that genuinely recognizes her pain and makes an attempt to placate her. 

It's the smirk.  It's always the smirk.  I could take the man in the White House a lot better (I think) if he didn't deliver every message with a self-satisfied smirk that says, to me, "Nyah nyah nyah nyah--I'm the president and I can do what I want and the hell with the rest of you."

Or if his daughters enlisted in the Army.

With a rapidly escalating negative rating, the man in the White House has taken to giving himself exposure, speaking to cheering crowds proving that he is indeed the Commander-in-Chief and that his public adores him.

But where does he speak?

* The Veterans of Foreign wars (now there's a group that is likely to express any opposition to a foreign war.  Not!)

* Military bases.

*To families of men currently serving in Iraq.

If he really wants to find out what is going on in the country, he should speak in Berkeley.  In New York.  To Cindy Sheehan.

I don't know if he truly believes that the country supports him, or if that's only what he's being fed, since he has admitted to not watching the news on TV or reading newspapers.  (God forbid he should be informed.)

There is a new video news site which opened recently, the Kever Report, which is staunchly in favor of the war and behind the man in the White House.   However, even in Kever's interviews, which he conducts to prove that not everyone is against the war, every single person he interviewed admitted that they were against the war at the beginning, but now that we are there, feel that we must support the troops.

Well, hell, who doesn't believe that?  Of course we support the troops, but that doesn't mean that we support the war.  And no, of course, we can't just put them all on a plane tomorrow and bring them home.  We've made a big mess and we need to clean it up, unfortunately. 

But in the clean-up, there will hundreds of more Casey Sheehans and Falah Hasuns (9 year old "collateral damage" killed by shrapnel) who will lose their lives in this war that was started because of the lie that the man in the White House told us, with a self-satisfied smirk on his face.

What Mrs. Sheehan has done is to put a face on the "great sacrifice" that the man in the White House is asking this country to make.  And perhaps to ask ourselves if the price we are paying for a war we can't win isn't much too high.



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