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Hmmm...I don't think this guy is going to be chasing me around the back yard very soon.


"Take an Apple"


30 August 2005

"That's OK.  I needed something new for my journal anyway," I told Ashley when she asked if I could take all six of the new puppies that needed bottle feeding.

It's only overnight, she assured me.  The other family who was willing to take 3 of them couldn't be reached and the puppies needed to go somewhere tonight, so my doggie vacation was short and sweet.

(I don't consider taking puppies on quite the same level as taking the older dogs.  The puppies don't really affect Kimba at all).

This batch is a combination Rottweiler, Pit Bull and German Shepard, and so I suspect that I will prefer to have them now rather than when they grow up.  (Maybe it will be something like Androcles and the Lion and some day some big hulking beast will knock me down and start to go for my neck and suddenly stop and think "Hey--wait a minute!   This smells like Mom!")

I was getting kind of worried about them.  Ashley brought them around 6:30 p.m. and told me they had "just eaten," and that they might go through the night.  But I finally got nervous when they hadn't uttered a sound (except an occasional sneeze or cough) by 6:30 a.m., so I started waking them up.

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This is, by far, the most mellow set of puppies I've had yet.  Perhaps because they are so young.  A couple of them acted very hungry when I first woke them up and quickly latched on and began sucking, but I'm used to puppies taking about 4 oz of formula and these guys each took barely 2 oz before they conked out again.

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Even if they didn't fall right back asleep again, they weren't interested in any more milk and were happy to just kind of look around with barely opened eyes.

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They also seemed very cold, despite the warm weather, but a floor fan was on, and it could be that their young bodies just needed more warmth, so I plugged in a heater to put under the cage to help them regulate body temperature (you put the heating pad under half the cage, so they can choose which half they want to be on.)

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The plan was for 3 of them to go to another home, and Ashley said I could pick out the three that I wanted, so I named three of them and began to separate the others out so they could go with Kim, who was supposed to be coming to get them before noon.

Only at noon Kim called to say that she wouldn't show up until 4:30 and that she would be taking all six of them.  I was very disappointed, but she assures me that keeping all six together would be better for everyone, so after having a lovely afternoon cuddling puppies, I am again puppy-less.  Until the next batch comes along.  At least I got a few cute pictures out of the day.

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Isn't this gorgeous??
Peggy took it a couple of days ago.


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