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10 July 2005

Eddie-dance.jpg (44678 bytes)I keep saying that it's a good thing Eddie came to us already having an adoptive home, and merely needing a foster family for a week or so.

I can you resist that face?

Just what I don't need is a Jack Russell terrier on top of the whirling dervish that I already have, but he sure is a sweetie.

He is not without his faults, however, and I'm sure in time the rosey glow would fade and the reality of a Jack Russell Terrier (one of the most active, most intelligent dogs around) would sink in.  I already have a dog that's smarter than I am.  If I had two of them, I'd be doomed.

Eddie was kind of tentative his first day.  Ashley had predicted that he and Sheila would be out running around the yard, but actually neither one of them did.   Eddie took over all three recliners, and commandeered all of Sheila's toys, arranging them in a little nest around him.  Whenever I moved he moved.    When I went to the bathroom, he'd sit outside the door and whine.

Eddie-table.jpg (56012 bytes)When he did leave my side, sooner or later I'd hear "crash," as something else fell to the floor.  I learned quickly that Eddie likes to jump up on things and either push things off, or nudge them off while investigating them.  I'm not sure which.

I finally figured out (I'm no dummy) that we would both be a lot happier if I just cleared things off of the coffee table, because it appeared that he felt it was his personal platform.

Before we went off to the show, and because neither Sheila nor Eddie had had much exercise, I went outside with the two of them.  My lord, it was like being a rabbit at a greyhound race.  Those two chased each other around at top speed, bumping smack into me if I got in the way.  They kept it up for about 10 minutes until both were they'd just run a greyhound race.

Eddie-run.jpg (37564 bytes)

With Eddie suitably tired, I locked him in the crate, because Ashley said there was no point in leaving them open to having a serious disagreement in my absence and it would just be safer for all if Eddie was behind bars.

He seemed to do well and when we came home, I sat outside for a bit so he could pee and move around before we all went to sleep.  I was a little dubious about "sleeping" with Eddie moving around, but Ashley had suggested leaving him out of the crate for the night, so I decided to try it.

Bad idea.

As soon as the lights went out, Eddie flew threw the air with the greatest of ease and landed smack dab in the middle of the kitchen table, where he began to push the salt and pepper and napkins around.

"NO!" I said sternly, getting out of the recliner and making a loud nose.  Eddie got down.

I got back into the recliner again, settled back to go to sleep and there Eddie was back up on the kitchen table again.  (Have I mentioned that one of the reasons I don't like cats is that they are always walking around on the kitchen table?)

"NO!" I said louder, making more noise and getting him down.

I went back to the recliner and once again, Eddie was right in the middle of the table.  That's when I decided that Eddie will just have to learn to sleep in his crate for a week, until his family comes to get him.  He moaned like I'd just doomed him to a life of bread and water, but it only lasted about 3 minutes and then I didn't hear from him again until I woke up at the decent hour of 7 a.m.

By morning, he and Sheila were getting to know each other and had a great time playing, wrestling on the family room floor for about an hour.

Eddie-wrestle2.jpg (48998 bytes)

Eddie-wrestle3.jpg (50343 bytes)

It was so much fun seeing how well they got along, and how patient Sheila was with Eddie.  I think they will be very good friends by the time it's time for Eddie to move to his next (and final) home.  And thank goodness, I can't even be tempted to keep him.

Sunday Brunch questions:

1) What is your favorite fast food restaurant? Jack in the Box
2) How many times per week do you eat fast food?  Less than once a week.  Usually less than once a month.
3) Describe your favorite fast food meal.  I always order the same thing at Jack in the Box -- a cheeseburger plain and onion rings.  No drink.
4) Do you always Super-Size your meal?  Never
5) What is your least favorite fast food restaurant?  Probably Burger King because of their political leanings (not gay-friendly)


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