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13 July 2005

eddie-running.jpg (89705 bytes)Well, Eddie is gone, a few days early.  It's not because of his on-again, off-again feud with Kimba, though because of that I am not that sad at his departure.  It's not because he woke me up at 4:45 this morning, though he did.  It's because the people who took puppy Paul's siblings for bottlefeeding are ready to give them to someone else and I can't imagine trying to bottlefeed puppies with an insistent lap dog around at the same time.

Last night as I climbed into the recliner and got ready to sleep, the dogs settled down.  Sheila was upstairs on the guest bed, Kimba was in her bed, which means that Eddie wouldn't be tempted to attack her, and Eddie had settled down on Sheila's bed.  All was calm, all was bright.   But sleep for me would not come.  After more than an hour, when I realized I was still wide awake, I got up to sit at the computer for awhile, hoping that would make me sleepy. 

The second I got out of the recliner, Sheila leaped off her bed, and Eddie came out of his.  Obviously I could not be trusted to sit at the computer with out canine accompaniment. 

Eddie settled himself into the space that is Kimba's cave, under my desk.  Soon I heard Kimba waddling this way--it is her duty to be at my feet at all times, no matter how sleepy she was.  I looked down at Eddie and decided that I didn't want Kimba to know that Eddie had usurped her place, so I gave up doing anything on the computer and went back to my recliner before Kimba made it all the way into the office.

All the dogs settled back into their various beds and I lay awake for another bit before sleep finally came for me, but I didn't dare get up.  "Let sleeping dogs lie" is very good advice.   (Is my life suddenly being ruled by dogs?  How could you even think such a thing?)

And then at 4:45 Eddie decided it was time for me to wake up and would not stop licking my chin.  Once I was up and awake, he went back to sleep.


When he finally did come to life, he became a walking disaster area.  He slid across the kitchen table, knocking my camera to the floor; he ate the book I was reading (he had previously eaten the manual for my cell phone); he found a basket and tore that up all over the family room; he and Sheila chased each other at top speed from the back yard through the family room, up the stairs, onto the guest bed, down on the floor back downstairs and outside again.  Twice.  

By the time Kim came to pick him up, I had put him in the cage because he would not leave Kimba alone.  I wish I could say I was sorry to see him go.  In a way I was, because he's such a sweet little thing and lord knows he was wonderful for Sheila, but he really was very time consuming!

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SleepingPups.jpg (17314 bytes)I've spent the better part of the last two days working with Ashley on putting a calendar together for the SPCA.   It will be this year's fund raiser, and will include lots of photos from lots of people.  My favorite picture of Hamilton and Demetrius will be one of the two photos on the cover.

This project reminds me of casting a play with a lot of kids.  The more kids you put in a play, the bigger your ticket sales, because every kid has a family, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles, and whatever who will want to come and see the little darling on stage.

So the SPCA calendar has lots of dogs and cats and a few kids here and there, and it's sure to have owners and proud grandparents buying lots of calendars to give as gifts this Christmas.

Best thing about this project was putting so many PhotoShop skills into practice and again realizing how much I've learned that now comes to me intuitively.

But the one thing that has frustrated me is that I know you can make your own brushes but I've been trying to figure out how for months now and it just didn't seem to be working for me.

SPCALogo.jpg (17687 bytes)So today, I decided to go through the tutorial again.  I know I'd seen a "how to" on a tutorial before, but obviously I needed a refresher course.  Sure enough, I now know how to make my own brushes, which is very handy if you want to be able to add something like the SPCA logo to a document.  The figure at the left was made with the SPCA brush that I created.

Anyway, we worked on the calendar, adding photos of animals to the empty blocks on each month.  The "October collection" was my favorite, I think.

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Or maybe it was the "shoe" collage:

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I've always had a "cause" that I was involved with, whether it was breastfeeding babies, hosting foreign students, working with the homeless, driving HIV+ clients to appointments, etc., etc., etc.  It looks like the SPCA is slowly (or perhaps rapidly) evolving into my next cause.


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Eddie and Kimba liked to help me rinse dishes

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