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14 July 2005

So now we have Harry, Weasley and Hagrid.

Since the new Harry Potter book is coming out this week, I figured that the next babies to bottlefeed should be named after Harry Potter characters.  Yeah, I know Weasley isn't a character, but the last name of a whole family, but somehow it seemed to fit better than "Ron."   There is no Hermione in this batch of male puppies.

Kim, from the SPCA, brought them by and picked Eddie up.  Eddie had been "incarcerated" about 15 minutes earlier for picking on Kimba.

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The first thing he did when he saw the puppies was to growl and bark at them.  Eddie was beginning to feel his oats.

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The puppies had been fed several hours before and were hungry, so I started to feed them, wondering how I could tell them apart, since they seemed to be four identical black puppies.

But Hagrid is the biggest (naturally) and almost entirely black, save for a teeny white patch on his chest.

The tips of all four of Weasley's paws are white and he has quite a bit of white on his chest.

And Harry falls somewhere in the middle--a soupçon of white on his paws, and a bigger patch of white on his chest than Hagrid, so if they will all cooperate and sleep on their backs, I will have no difficulty telling them apart.  Failing that, I'll just have to hope I'm coherent in enough in the middle of the night to check for white spots so I don't feed one dog twice and forget to feed another one.

Since Eddie had gotten me up so early, I was really feeling the need for a nap, so I settled in and sleep a bit.  I was aware that someone was crying for the hour that I was asleep.  Turned out it was Weasley, who reminded me a lot of the Paul puppy.  Didn 't seem to want anything, but to complain.  I really didn't think he was hungry, but I tried feeding him, and no, he wasn't hungry.  I tried holding him in different positions, but after a second or two he would be crying again, tongue out and panting, just like Paul had done.

It was 101 outside and though the air conditioner was on, I was still sweaty, so I wondered if maybe he was just hot.   I laid him down on the cool Pergo and he just passed out.  Peed all over the Pergo, but finally stopped crying and went back to sleep.

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By the end of the afternoon, I had "bodies" all over the floor.   Hagrid stayed inside the cage, but Harry had rolled out onto the cool floor. 

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Sheila and Kimba collapsed as well.

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So the next adventure begins.  These guys may do a lot of traveling.   They've already been with one family and have now been moved here.  But I'll be gone for a long weekend, and they'll have to go somewhere while I'm gone.  Whether they come back here or not remains to be seen.  But in the meantime it's nice to have little puppy burps on my chest again.



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