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15 July 2005

I've slid right back into the routine.  Make formula, feed puppies, burp puppies, wash linens, repeat 3-4 times a day.  I'm now also adept at creating a nursery out of the guest bathroom.  They don't need that much room yet, but if I'm going to change their bedding, it's a convenient place to put them.

The frustration is doing this without Walt (who is in Washington, DC at the moment), because he always cuddles the hungry ones while I'm feeding one, which cuts down on the crying while waiting turns.   (I wonder how parents of multiple babies do it.  I have a greater respect for mothers of quintuplets!)

Not having Walt here also means that it's difficult for me to take pictures of the puppies.  Eating does not show them off at their cutest, and when sleeping they just look like a bunch of animal pelts lying on the floor.  But hold them in two hands so that the paws are together and they are looking at you as if to try to figure out who/what you are and they look so cute, ears perked forward and eyes kind of wondering.  But that takes two, so for now I have to go with pictures taken at macro setting while the puppies are feeding in my lap.

Weasleyfinger.jpg (34393 bytes)
Weasley--you can tell because of the white on his chest

They slept a full night last night.  I think I fed them all (except Hagrid) at around 10 p.m. and then didn't hear from them again until 7.  I was worried about Hagrid because he had last eaten at 4 or something like that, but he was fine--just very hungry.

I've missed having a sated puppy lying on my chest while I rub his back waiting for a puppy burp.   I remember when we had the first batch of puppies and I worried because they seemed to be whine/grunting all the time.  I worried because they wouldn't "nurse" while lying in my lap, but had to stand on their hind legs and hold onto my wrist with their paws.  I tried to get them into a more comfortable (for me--and surely for them) position, but it was impossible.

Well, several litters down the pike, I realize that all puppies whine/grunt all of their waking hours and they all nurse standing on their hind legs hanging onto my wrist while they suck on my finger. 

* * *

Hey!  I figured out how to take pictures of the puppies by myself.   The photo below is of Harry and came from a movie I made of him, which I was able to look at, frame by frame, and then extract this cute little photo of him from it.   Not the best quality, but it works.

HarrySm.jpg (21853 bytes)

* * *

They seem to be growing by leaps and bounds.  Each time I take them out of the cage, I swear they've gained weight since the last feeding.  They are now larger than any of the other puppies we've had.  They also are going to be slobber dogs.  When they finish nursing they do kind of this suck-lick on my fingers, with lots of saliva involved.  Then they lick my arms, my neck, my chin, my cheeks, my nose.   That, combined with the sweat that is pouring off my forehead onto my face, makes for a sight that you really don't want to see.

They still seem to be affected by the heat.  Harry simply could not settle down and whimpered for a long time until I put him down on the floor, whereupon he was asleep within 10 seconds.  He slept there all afternoon.

But overall they are still the easiest of the puppies we've had.   When they're hungry they all cry, but then when I start feeding one, the others just go back to sleep until they hear the cage opening again, then they waddle forward to see if they can't be next.

And they are just such cute little teddy bears.


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Another of Peggy's Kookaburra photos

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