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19 July 2005

There was a knock on the front door yesterday morning around 11 a.m.   Thinking Ned had arrived earlier than he anticipated, I opened the door and there stood our next door neighbor.

"Your air conditioner was making a loud noise," he said, "so I went over to look at it and the motor was running, but the fan wasn't turning," he continued.   "I kind of hit on it but it wouldn't start again.  You might want to take a look at it."

Wouldn't you know that with Walt gone for a month and us in the middle of the longest heat wave in a long time, that the thirty-year old air conditioner would pick now to go out.

Well, at least that explained why I was having such a difficult time staying cool and why my clothes were always damp and my fingers sweaty as I tried to type.

I put in a call to the local air conditioning place, but of course they are closed on Sundays, so it would be a day before they would return my call.

In the meantime Ned came and he unearthed another fan and got that going, so at least there is circulating air around here, even if it is circulating warm air.

Not only is the air conditioner not working, but what has always helped to keep the house cool in the past has been insulated curtains, keeping the sun from shining directly into the family room, only we threw those curtains away with the family room remodel and have not yet gotten new window coverings, so there is nothing to keep the sun from warming things up in the afternoon.  (We were going to get vertical blinds, but now I'm thinking that insulated curtains may be the better choice again!)

The puppies were very fussy.  Weasley stayed asleep, but I let Hagrid and Harry out and they explored everything, whining all the way.  They obviously wanted something but I couldn't figure out what.

Ned finally rummaged around upstairs and found the fan and set it up.   Within minutes, all four dogs were passed out in front of the fan.

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Harry at first didn't even go to sleep; he just seemed to be enjoying having the cool(er) breeze blowing on him.

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The day progressed without air conditioning and only fans.  I found out just how lazy I am around about  6:30.  The puppies were due to wake up soon and I wondered if I should take them outside to eat or not.  I wondered how hot it is.  We have a thermometer mounted in the carport, but my eyes aren't good enough to read it from through the window at this distance.  However, not to worry.   Instead of actually going out into the carport to look at it more closely, I took a zoom shot of it through the window and checked it on the computer.

Yes.  It's still hot.

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and the worst part is that when I finally talked with the air conditioning company, I was told that the unit can't be looked at until the end of the month.  I am not going to be a happy camper for awhile, folks.  (Have I mentioned that the prediction for today is 106?)


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