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29 July 2005

I guess I should read the Bible.  ("I'm a Catholic--we know nothing about the Bible..." [Jim Brochu, The Big Voice]). 

Maybe it's having lived this long and the closer you are to the end of life, the faster things speed up (Steve refers to his having cheated death as leaving him in his "Bonus Round" where the time goes faster and the prizes are better.).  Maybe when you live through so many changes in the world over 60+ years, it just seems that the longer you are alive, the more changes there appear to be.

But lately, I have the feeling that all the good I've seen in my lifetime is just starting to unravel.  I've given up reading newspapers.  I get my news from Jon Stewart (though describes himself as a "faux newsman") because it's just too damn depressing to read it. 

When you live in a relatively homogeneous, relatively crime-free, relatively "removed" town like Davis (despite the fact that the townsfolk are politically active), it's easy to forget what's going on in the world.  It's easy to sit back and shake your head about how we're all going to hell in a handbasket and there's nothing you can do about it.

Watch Steve's video  (.wma format, 2.18 MB) to get a sense of the irony of the insanity that is going on in the world today.

Then take yourself over to Doug's entry about making The Patriot Act permanent.  Lord, I hate it that I (and so many others) predicted this.   That back when they passed the Patriot Act, I was talking about how once we give away our rights, we'll never give them back.  I hate being right.

I have the mental image of lambs being led to the slaughter, blindly following the pack without any thought about where we are going.

Maybe it's having driven home last night listening to Karel on KGO.   Karel tends to rant.  A lot.  But he's always interesting to listen to.   In the time I was driving home, he was ranting that Congress has chosen to table discussion on the defense bill in favor of hearing arguments on legislation prohibiting people from suing gun manufacturers when their products are used in the commission of a crime.

A caller pointed out that the Supreme Court has just allowed that a drug manufacturer can be sued if its products cause harm to people and now Congress has ruled that gun manufacturers can NOT be sued if their products cause harm to people. 

The country has gone mad.

Then there was Rick Santorum on The Daly Show touting family values and why gay marriage is a bad thing.  I just love all these guys who say that gay marriage is bad because the ideal for a child is one mother and one father and that all psychologists agree this is the best atmosphere in which to raise a child. 

Where is the "family police" when families divorce?  (Heck, they don't need to look further than Congress to find adulterers, and multi-divorced straight people).  Where is the family police when Daddy is abusive, when Mommy is popping pills, when the kids are left alone while parents work because they can't earn a decent living that will give them the freedom to stay home and bake cookies for the little darlings.

This whole "marriage is for the children" is a joke and doesn't hold water.  Nobody will ever answer the question, "should infertile couples be denied marriage?" or "should older couples who are past child-bearing years be denied marriage?"  They brush those aside by citing all those studies proving that a one-man, one-woman home is ideal for the children.

I want Santorum to visit the gay couple in Florida with the five HIV+ foster kids he won't let them adopt because they happen to be the same gender, though they have loved these throw-away kids for more than 15 years.

Everywhere I look there is something depressing to see and it's hard to find something positive to hang on to. 

I'm thinking that maybe we are in the last days of this earth and maybe I should go read the Bible and find out what it says.  Heck, maybe I should have read that abominable Left Behind series after all.  When The Rapture comes, I'm definitely going to be one of those left behind.

I'm just in a weird mood today.   I think it's the heat that has finally fried my brain, though--thank the good lord and the air conditioning guy--as of 4 p.m. tonight, we have a working air conditioner again.  It is, however, on its last legs and will probably have to be replaced soon anyway.

Finally, I have to laugh.   I wrote about Ikea yesterday.  So did Kathy and so did Janie.  What is this?  Ikea week??

As I was writing this, the news reported that the IRA has called for an end to the violence, saying that the time for violence is over.  Maybe there is hope for the world after all.


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