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30 July 2005

Luna Niņa has decided to have fun with free association.  I found out about it by reading Mary's latest entry.  I thought I'd give it a try with this week's list:

1. Believing:: in God
2. Invasion:: Iraq
3. Boys::  Paul and David
4. Island;:: in the sun
5. Repeatedly:: typing
6. Normal:: me?
7. Hex:: agram
8. Tuxedo::  penguins
9. Virgin:: Mary
10. Cereal:: Special K

Well, obviously Mary and I have a couple of automatic responses in common.   We match on 7 and 9.

My answer to #1 surprised me.  I don't really think about believing in God these days.  I think I do, but I just don't think about it.  I guess the response comes out of 12 years of Catholic school years and many years of going to Mass.

#2...well, that would be understandable.  The invasion of Iraq is much on my mind (more than belief in God, I supposee).

#3 isn't meant to slight Tom and Ned, but the term made me think immediately of the "boys" (tho they weren't boys) we lost. 

#4 is the old movie with Harry Belafonte.  I don't really remember anything about the movie at all, though I can hear Belafonte singing the title tune.   James Mason, one of my favorites, was also in that movie, though I don't remember him at all.  He probably played a cold-hearted plantation owner.

#5 is a no-brainer.  I am constantly/repeatedly typing!

#6.  Well, "normal" is never a term I would use to describe me, so the one thing that popped into mind was that I don't know from "normal."   I wonder if anybody does...

#7.  Here Mary and I agree, though here response, she says, came from a local theatre production in the DC area.  Mine was just the geometrical shape.

#8.  How can one think of tuxedos and not think of penguins.   I'm probablay more familiar with penguins than I am with tuxedos!  Speaking of which, I really, really want to see the new penguin movie that is all the rage right now (this year's "Winged Migration"), "March of the Penguins."   Looks like a wonderful movie.

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#9.  Mary, huh?  I wasn't thinking of Bozoette Mary, of course, but The Big Mary.  Another instance of religious school indoctrination.

#10.  Special K strawberries is my usual breakfast, though the last box I had had some sort of weird taste to it, so I was kind of put off of it.   Haven't found a good replacement yet.

It's such fun to stumble across things on the Internet.  I happened across this today:

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Apparently they were filming a commercial in San Francisco and dropped a bunch of balls from the top of the apartment building on the left.  The neat thing is that to the right, just out of camera lens range, is the flat where I grew up for 18 years.  What fun it would have been to be sitting in the window seat of the apartment and watching all the action!

Note for Linda:  Here is a link to the camera Peggy used for the photo of Keno.


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