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2 October 2005

8:15 a.m. seemed very early when you don't get to bed until 5:30. But we got up and were downstairs befor 9 to meet Mary, Ellen and Tricia for breakfast at the Aqua Lounge, a place that kind of defies description (though I'll try). It seems to have an underwater theme, with brightly colored blue-ish and green-ish walls and ceiling, in kind of a bubble format; the seating is mostly at high tables or counters, and the chairs are clear acrylic. The counter has colored water bubbling away inside it from the floor up the counter itself.

In the area where there are actual padded seats, the design is wavy, again giving the aquatic look.

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At night this becomes a disco with ear-shattering music, neon lights, and so much noise that I'm surprised that we can't hear it in our fourth floor room.

After breakfast, we set off for the town of Cedarburg. It's an historic town with limstone and cream buildings unchanged for 150 years, and lots of cute little shops with unusual stuff to buy. I hadn't intended to start my Christmas shopping here, but was surprised that I did as much as I did. We started in a shop whose boast is that it has 1300 cookie cutters. And it does....

It also had a wonderful array of cookie jars, salt and pepper shakers, and a host of other gourmet kitchen items, as well as frozen cookie dough. We had a great time going through it.

We left that store, and continued walking down the street, but pulled up short when we came to a gift shop with this in the front window:

As "eency weency spider" people (well, most of us), we had to go in and investigate the spider stuff (and shhh we bought a big salad bowl, some towels, and a votive candle for Ellen as a thank you the time she reads this we will already have given it to her.)

We stopped for lunch at a cute little creperie, called the Creme and Crepe Cafe....

...where we had fantastic seafood crepes that were so light we practically melted on your tongue.

Then back to do some more shop-checking before we headed back to the car and came back to Milwaukee.

I sat here and did a journal entry while everyone else did the sensible thing and went upstairs to take naps. But we all have our own priorities. I finished just in time to get back to the room to get ready for dinner.

Ellen had chosen a pub place that was down along the Milwaukee River. The weather was just perfect so we sat outside to eat while we watched the rowing crews practicing on the river. I went upstairs to the bridge that crosses over the river and took a photo of the river...

...and then zoomed in on the deck of the pub to take a picture of our group sitting there waiting for burgers...

We all had burgers for dinner, along with some of the best french fries...ever. Ellen apologized a time or two for taking us to a burger joint, but we assured her that it was fabulous.

Our last stop of the night was at a playhouse where we saw Irving Berlin's little-known and rarely-performed Louisiana Purchase, or an adaptation of it. I'm not sure how much of it was the original and how much of it had been adapted for this production, but it was excellent, and the fact that I had trouble staying awake in act 2 (of 3) was only a reflection of the fact that I only had 3 hours sleep the night before!

By the time we got back to the hotel and got to sleep it was midnight, and I had absolutely NO trouble getting to sleep at all.



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Created 8/15/05

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