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4 October 2005

The wheels of the plane touched down at the Sacramento airport (after an uneventful flight, thank goodness) and I looked up the aisle of the plane to see little blue screens flickering on all over the place.  Behind me a phone was ringing, across the aisle a guy was checking his messages, ahead of him a girl was sending a text message, and way in the back a woman was checking scores of the football game.

We hadn't even taxied to the terminal yet.  What in god's name did we ever do when we had to rely on... you know ... telephone booths??   I just can't believe this many people are that important that telephone calls can't wait until seatbelts have been unbuckled, luggage retrieved from the overhead rack, and passengers gone into the terminal.


But I digress.  Where was I?  Oh yeah.  Sunday.   Sunday started with Ellen picking us up at the hotel and taking us all to brunch at her house, where we got to meet the famous Danielle (their youngest) and reacquaint ourselves with Rob (the husband).  We had a great meal and then settled in for a visit until time for Tricia and Mary to go the airport.  Mary and Ellen got the "man-eating chairs" (very comfortable; impossible to get out of if you are more than 18 years of age).

M-EChairs.jpg (30913 bytes)

Ellen and Rob took the others off to the airport while I cranked out a journal entry.  Then Ellen and I sat around reading Lamb for awhile....

E-MLamb.jpg (27971 bytes)

...and then we went out to a lovely park, to a bucolic spot....

spot.jpg (38588 bytes)

...where I had great fun taking pictures of a guy throwing sticks for his dogs to fetch in the water.

dogs-fetch.jpg (32921 bytes)

We took the family to dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant and then said our goodbyes when they brought us back to our hotel afterwards.

Monday morning we checked out of the hotel, pleased to note that they did NOT charge us for the day that we arrived so late (and surprised that they did not charge us for any of the phone calls I made to AOL, which were listed as costing 50 per local call).

We switched groups, then.  Out with the CompuServe group, in with the Altered Book group.  Mary and Sherry picked us up and took us to the local Potawatomi Indian casino restaurant for a huge breakfast/brunch.  Unfortunately they don't allow cameras in the casino, because the decor is really interesting (no post cards available either!)

potawatomi_02.jpg (51742 bytes)

(Found this photo of the main lobby on the Internet.  More photos are here.)

Next we went out to Sherry's house so we could finally get to see her "kitty condos" that she builds for the feral cats who live in her back yard.

condos.jpg (43935 bytes)

Then they took us down to the "Third Ward," the turn of the century manufacturing and warehouse district which now houses the highest concentration of art galleries in the city, as well as antique shops, restaurants, specialty stores, etc.   We walked around looked at the old buildings (in the process of being gentrified), and stopped in at the M&M Club, Mary and Sherry's favorite haunt.

M&M.jpg (37893 bytes)

We were going to have lunch, but we were still too full from breakfast, so we just visited a bit with Peter, the bartender, and (Marilyn?) one of the singers who performes there on weekends.  Then Mary ran us out to the airport and our latest whirlwind weekend came to an end.

We were delighted that there were no problems with the return flights and that we got home unscathed, if a bit tired.  Sheila is still at Ashley's house, but Kimba was delighted to see us (especially since she hadn't had dinner yet!)

Thanks, everybody, for being such terrific hostesses and for showing us such a great time. 


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Sunset at the Phoenix airport


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Created 8/15/05

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