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17a October 2005

There were two very sad deaths this weekend. 

Walt's sister's cat Chew had to be put down, after 14 years.  He was a beautiful, long-haired cat who spent the first several years hiding under her bed whenever strangers came to the house.

When Alice Nan moved to Santa Barbara suddenly Chew became sociable.  He suddenly seemed to like to be around people, and he would occasionally even join us out on the patio, cautiously moving around, checking everything out.

I mostly remember hearing Chew having breakfast at some ungodly hour of the morning when I was sleeping in the room next to the kitchen and would hear Alice Nan stagger downstairs, give him some food and then stagger back up again.

I know that Chew will be missed a lot.

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When I turned on the computer to upload the Chew video, my heart sank when I picked up e-mail and saw the title of Peggy's message:  "Keno, R.I.P."

This one hits much harder.  I fell in love with Peggy's dogs when I visited with her.  Even before I went to Australia, I felt a special bond with Keno.  Maybe because she was the older one.  I don't know.

When I arrived, I discovered that Chippa was pretty hard not to love.   Keno kind of kept to herself.  But my favorite memories are taking the morning walks and listening to Keno's flat feet (from the steroids she was taking) flopping along on the path.

KenoBush.jpg (54374 bytes)

I still have guilt about Keno.  I knew she was afraid of thunder and lightning but I didn't realize she would react so strongly when I took a flash picture of her.  She trembled for a very long time, and Peggy had to sit on the couch to calm her down.

She was a lovely dog, but she was in a lot of pain, off and on, in the last years of her life.  Peggy gave her the very best medical care that she could have and probably prolonged her life for at least a couple of years.

She had a best friend in Chippa, who I am sure is a little confused right now, wondering where Keno has gone.  I am sitting here with tears in my eyes because I know how much Peggy is hurting, and because I'm sad to hear of the end of the life of this beautiful dog.

KenoCloseUp.jpg (35266 bytes)

My heart is in Australia tonight.


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Created 8/15/05

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