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18 October 2005

Well, I got my knickers in a twist the other day and dramatically (I thought) stalked off a videoblogging group I've been on for awhile.

The problem was the videos that can't be seen by some people.  I had posted a question and only had one reply, and I got all huffy that the group had said that they would help newbies, but I seemed to have been overlooked.

I wrote this marvelous goodbye letter, posted it, and logged out of the group. 

Then I got an e-mail notice that my message couldn't be posted because I was no longer a member.  By that time I had calmed down and it just didn't seem as important any more.

But THEN, I had a brief chat with Susan of KityKity, who asked if I had seen a message that had been written about me.  I went and found it and I have to admit I was terribly embarrassed--and ashamed that I had rushed to judgement about these people.

A guy named Josh Leo had written in a message thread entitled "most prolific vlogger" the following:

after spending some time perusing the vlogosphere ... I finally made my way to subscribing to Bev Sykes vlog on (something i have been meaning to do after seeing her emmy's video) I then discovered her blog.

Not only does Bev post videos EVERY DAY! she also writes interesting extended posts to her blog, often with pictures included...

I guess if I wasn't working and didn't have classes/homework...maybe i could be putting something close to the amount of the stuff that bev is doing....but in the mean time all I can do is give her credit for kicking blogosphere/ vlogosphere butt!

Oh my!  And here I thought I had become a thorn in everyone's side!

Not to be left out, my two new vlogging friends, Doug and Susan responded.  Doug said,

I couldn't agree more !!!! I call her the Andy Rooney of vlogging. Her content rocks. I look forward to her posts. I usually watch them on her
youtube site. If anyone wants to see some kickass vlogs, ck them out. I hope mine are as interesting when i finally get around doing some.

And Susan said:

I've been posting pretty much one video a day for over a month now... but I certainly don't put the time into the textual part of each post like Bev does. She's a great lady!

Now I really am embarrassed for quitting so precipitously, and very glad that my "I quit" message never got posted.  As Susan pointed out in our chat today, I needed to give the message several days before getting angry about no reply .... and that it was the weekend, anyway!

In the meantime, though, Daphne had left a very detailed response to my question of "what could the problem be?" along with links to places to check for information so I could understand it all.

That'll teach me to rush to judgement.  Everyone really is very kind and helpful, if you just give them a chance.

But my I feel the pressure to actually produce something worth seeing. 

"Andy Rooney"?  Oh my is that a label to live up to!  I think this is because I posted videos about what's in my purse and about folding sox.  Move over, Andy, I'm breathing down your neck.

Anyway, thanks to everybody who is working to help me figure out this problem...already Jeri is now able to see the movies once she installeld WindowsMedia 9 (she was using 7), so we're obviously on the right track. 

(For those who can't view all of them, but can view some, I should explain that some are posted in QuickTime and some in WindowsMedia format, depending on which camera I used to take the movie, which would explain why you can see some, but not see others.)

And to those people on the videoblogging forum, my humble apologies for misjudging you.  I hope you'll let me come back and play again.


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I'm sorry

(I found this photo on Flickr and think it's about the cutest thing I've seen.
The Photographer assures me it's not PhotoShopped, it was just one of those lucky shots.)


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