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24 October 2005

I took Slingshot off to Petco to look for a home yesterday.   What a production!  I found out, to my great surprise that Slingshot hates to go out the front door.  As soon as he saw the leash, he ran upstairs and huddled in a ball in a corner.  I had to literally drag him downstairs and then out to the kitchen where the leash was (thank god for Pergo).

slingshot.jpg (27098 bytes)When I got the leash on him, he went limp.  I told Walt that he may only be 8 months old, but he has the genes of someone who grew up during the protest years of the 60s.  He "goes limp" very well.

(You can see the leash attached to his collar.)

I dragged him in this position all the way to the front door and then had to figure out how to get the adamant Slingshot out the door while keeping the eager Sheila inside.  As soon as we were outside, he went limp again.  There was absolutely NO way he was going to get into the car, so I was trying to pick up this heavy dead weight who did NOT want to get into the car into the car.

I managed to get his two stiff front legs in the back seat and then picked up his butt and pushed with all my might to slide the whole body across the seat.   At this point he finally gave up and realized that there was not getting out of it--he was going to have to get in the car.

I spent some time at Petco photographing dogs and cats (disappointed that very few of the photos came out well).  It was the last day for Cheri, who has been the co-coordinator of dogs along with Ashley.  They had boxes of pizza for the volunteers, so I helped myself to a piece of pizza, picking it up and having the entire top fall off the crust and onto the ground.

There didn't seem to be a garbage can around, so I was wandering around with this drippy piece of pizza in my hands.  Finally found a garbage can, went back to the pizza, got a plate this time, put a piece of pizza on a plate and went to take a bite, spilling a big dollop of tomato sauce on my shirt.

Slingshot, who lay under a chair glowering at me for making him leave the house, did not find a home and so was brought back at the end of the day.

When it was time, I went into the kitchen to cook dinner.  The baked potatoes I was trying to stuff fell apart when I picked them up.

To relax after all the disasters of the day, I decided to watch the second half of the DVD I had been watching a couple of days ago.  I pushed the button on the DVD player to open the DVD player and the machine turned off.  It would not turn on again.  Unfortunately, the TV plays thru the DVD player, so that meant no TV last night either.

Walt went looking for the manual for the player and, since he couldn't find it in the family room, he went into the living room (that no-man's land which still has 90% of all the crap we moved out of the family room in it).  In the 5 or so minutes he was gone, while I was in my office, Slingshot tore Kimba's bed to pieces.

KimbaBed.jpg (34053 bytes)

I guess he was getting me back for forcing him to leave the house yesterday.

It was definitely not a good day.

After my very bad, horrible day, it was nice to come across a new and new to me journal this morning.  I am always testing out new journals/blogs (just can't get rid of that term "journal" or fully give myself over to the term "blog," I fear)

Sometimes I find writings that make it to my bookmarks, sometimes, if I've read them for a long time, they may make it onto my links page.  Rarely do I find one that is worth recommending in a new journal.

"Thoughts That Keep Me Awake (at least until I write them down") is one of them.  Her entries are generally short, but all the ones I've read (I think I've read them all) have made me giggle.  It might be her thoughts on ironing.  Or her thoughts on pets.   Or her thoughts about peeing in a wet suit (believe me, I'll never think about renting a wet suit! [now there's a mental image for you!]).  But I think the thing that really put her on my "must read" list was her picture of a Halloween costume.

halloween WonderWoman.jpg (77447 bytes)

How can you not like a woman like this?  (She's not in the costume; it's just a photo she found.)  Reading her many disasters makes me feel alost graceful.  And that's going some! Go give her a read and have a couple of laughs.


Phoenix.jpg (37649 bytes)

Some of yesterday's SPCA dogs


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Created 8/15/05

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