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25 October 2005

Sometimes you just have to laugh at fanatics.

I enjoyed the Food Network's recent reality series, looking for the next Food Network "superstars." 

The contest was won by Dan and Steve, a gay couple, who are very cute, very talented, and have lots of good party ideas to share.  They now have their own show, called "Party Line with Dan and Steve."

I watched their chocolate show this morning and was moved to save one of their recipes in my Food Network recipe box.  Then I checked the "reviews" for this recipe, Espresso Shortbread.  The first review, from someone named "Gypsy" read:

I am a CHRISTIAN. I read the BIBLE and I believe in Jesus Christ. I am a Republican. I support George W. Bush, whom I DEARLY love. Therefore, I CANNOT and WILL NOT eat this disgusting recipe prepared in a disgusting manner by disgusting people. Sorry, Food Network. Go ahead and DELETE my honest opinion, but you CANNOT delete all the CHRISTIANS in this country!

It's this kind of comment that gives good Christians a bad name.  

I have to admit, I'm not quite sure how shortbread could ever be "disgusting" or how its preparation is "disgusting," unless the writer has something against KitchenAid mixers, or perhaps doesn't like coffee products, or maybe is even a chocolate-hater (are there such people in the world?  Now there's a real abomination!).  I'm also not quite sure what "love of George Bush" has to do with finding a shortbread recipe "disgusting." 

(you don't suppose the message was written by Harriet Miers, do you?)

To their credit, the next three comments were supportive comments by good food-loving Christians asking that the offending message be removed, as not representative of true Christians, and inappropriate for a food message board.

I am constantly amazed by the intensity of the hatred of so-called Christians who are so focused on homosexuals, and always focus on the "sexual" part, as if how one expresses love in a sexual way was the only thing which defined a person.  The way the word "disgusting" is spat out with such venom. 

Some of these are the same people who think nothing of a little incest (only between disparate genders, of course), or a little domestic violence (I'm thinking specifically of the "Reverend" Fred Phelps here), or a little pedophilia (like the hierarchy of the Catholic church).

The visceral reaction to two people loving each other boggles my mind.  Even as a kid it never made any sense to me.

Apparently there were attacks on other Dan and Steve recipes which were (thank goodness) removed by Food Network because I saw other messages asking that we stop all the hate and concentrate on the recipes (this for a Spinach-Artichoke dip).  

A Seafood Newberg recipe comment read:   "The show is disgusting . . . the recipe is disgusting . . . and I think I am going to be SICK!"

Gypsy shows up again commenting on Peanutbutter cookies:

I am first, and foremost, a CHRISTIAN . . . I LOVE Jesus Christ. I am second, a REPUBLICAN . . . I LOVE George W. Bush (who regulates the Food Network). I thought that the peanut butter sandwich cookies would gag a maggot. The recipe was disgusting. Watching them him mix it with his FILTHY hands was disgusting. You people disgust me!

S/he sure watches the show a lot for someone who finds it so disgusting.

The interesting thing about THAT message was that until now I had no idea that George Bush regulates the Food Network.  I somehow had the notion that what with fighting in Iraq and finding relief for flood victims, and trying to keep his cabinet members out of jail, revise Social Security, find a cure for Bird Flu, and get his nominee onto the Superior Court, he just might be too busy to watch Food Network, but I guess I was wrong.  Amazing guy, that George Bush!

From some disgusting brownies:

. . we are Republican Christians . . . and this type of show will NOT be permitted in our home. I'm not sure why you feel the need to promote an alternative lifestyle on a cooking show, but since you do, I appreciate the fact that our remote has an OFF button. Adios, Food Network, and the sickos who apparently run it.

Well, I guess the "sickos" include George Bush, who supposedly regulates it. 

I had absolutely no idea that reading the message boards of The Food Network could be so much fun...and so educational.


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A year ago, I wrote "Sir Arthur and His Court"
He held court again yesterday, to celebrate his 85th birthday


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