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I don't understand.  I offered to give her my toy.  Why doesn't she want to play with me?


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3 September 2005

HandsFree.jpg (32586 bytes)I guess I've gone professional.  Today I was interviewing someone from San Francisco's famous Mime Troupe, which is giving a performance in the park here in a couple of weeks.

I have discovered that I do fair interviews (much to my surprise), but I always go to the subject, bring a tape recorder (because I take abominable notes -- and can never read them afterwards) and then spend hours transcribing the interview before I actually start writing the article.

Only the problem this time was that my subject was in San Francisco, had limited time, and the interview would have to be conducted on the telephone.

I actually did a brief telephone interview a couple of months ago to get some fill-in information for an article I was writing and that guy was in Los Angeles, so I just held the telephone to my ear and transcribed as he talked (the beauty of being a professional transcriptionist!).

I decided that I would conduct the Mime Troupe interview the same way, only decided that it would be MUCH easier if I didn't have to balance the telephone receiver on my shoulder while we talked.

So I went out and I bought a telephone that I could attach a headset to, and then got a headset with a microphone attached to it and voilą, I was in business!

The interview went great and I actually felt like I knew what I was doing and didn't hem and haw over what I wanted to ask.  What's best is that it was a one-shot deal.  I interviewed and transcribed at the same time, so the job is all done.  Now I just have to write the story.

I feel so professional!

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When I got home from having lunch with my mother the other day, there was a message from Ashley about my taking a chihuahua who had surgery and was on cage rest but could be out for 30 minutes a day.  It was pretty late when I got the message, but I didn't call her back anyway because the thought of Sheila bringing a big paw down on this poor dog's backside when s/he was outside taking a leak scared me, so I decided it was a bad idea.

Apparently, Ashley thought so too, but the next day there was a call about a dog who was "halfway between Eddie and Petey" and could I take that dog.   What was I going to say?  No?  Of course not.  I've decided Jack Russell terriers are great to have around for Sheila, especially if I know they aren't going to stay long!

And so Trixie arrived.  She was a no-name dog, having just been found wandering the streets of Woodland with another dog the day before, and as I sat here trying to decide what to call her until she got adopted, a Geico ad came on, featuring Speed Racer and Trixie and I decided this little girl looked like a Trixie.

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She had been spayed that afternoon and was still groggy from sedation.  She walked around a bit, tail tightly held between her legs.  Sheila tried to invite her to play, but she seemed overwhelmed and eventually just lay down.   Ashley and I decided that she would be better off in the crate where she could "sleep it off."

She was still a little shy this morning--Sheila is a pretty scary thing to face, even if she's happy and just wants to play, if you're a scared little dog.   But I left her cage door open and hoped she'd come out on her own.  Finally, at noon, I went and got her and carried her out onto the lawn.  She's a dog of the 60s.  She immediately went limp.

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But she did eventually get up and move out of the sun.  She's not exactly running around the back yard with Sheila yet, but at least I think she's finally peed--after 2 days!  Sheila is being so amazingly patient with her.



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