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Sigh.  I really want to play with this little girl!


"Looking for a Home"


4 September 2005

I'm writing this on Saturday afternoon.  This is SPCA day and it was the day we were hoping that Trixie would find herself a home.

She was really terrified when I put her in the car -- trembling, drooling, and shedding copious amounts of fur.

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We got to the Farmers' Market and I discovered that it was going to be old home week for me.

First of all, all of my puppies were there, and they were a big hit with all the little kids.

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What was really cool about it was that all the puppies were friendly, but the three I had bottlefed really seemed to be excited to me, while I was a "ho hum...another big person" to the others.  I was also amused that the puppy that I had named "Paul" was surrounded by female admirers.  I knew I had named him right!

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While I was there, Hagrid got adopted.  I don't know what they're going to call him, but when I told them what I had named him, they said that their plan had been to name a puppy after a character in either Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, so who knows?  He might remain as Hagrid.

Sydney greeted me like her owner come home from vacation.  She was so happy to see me.  I still think she's a great little dog and if only she and Kimba had hit it off, she might have found a permanent home here.  But she needs to be "top dog" and I obviously can't have three top dogs in one house.

Surprisingly, Jasmine also greeted me like someone she knew and loved.  Jasmine, who tried to eat her way out of our back yard because she missed Ashley so much.  It was nice to have it appear that she knew me.

There were also other dogs that I hadn't met, for example Fred and Ethel.

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Fred and Ethel came out of some puppy mill.  Poor Ethel has had so many litters of Fred's cute puppies that her abdominal muscles are shot.  When they got too old to have puppies any more, they were dumped at the shelter.  They were in bad shape, and flea ridden. They are both deaf and they take care of each other, so they have to be placed in a family together, because they've already had too much trauma.   They are happy lap dogs and will be be great pets for the "right" family.

The more of these foster dogs I take, the more I find it fun to stop by the SPCA displays and pay a visit to all of "my" dogs.  It's also nice when they find a home and I know they're going to be with good people who will appreciate them.

Best part about today was that Trixie did find a family.   They can't pick her up until tomorrow, so she will be here one more night, but Ashley says that it's a great family and that she already seems to like their other dog.  



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