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11 September 2005

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No, this isn't Kimba.  This is Pepper, who is staying with us for a little bit.

Ashley wrote, "Want a friendly Chihuahua mix male that could be Kimba's brother?"

The problem we had with Sydney, who was otherwise a very sweet dog (I keep saying), was that she kept attacking Kimba.  I figured that with a dog Kimba's size, even if they didn't get along, they would at least be evenly matched and I wouldn't be so worried that Kimba would get hurt.  (Pepper is actually a little big smaller than Kimba, but not significantly so.)

I drove over to the vets' office and told them I was there for "the black chihuahua."  Out came Pepper (unnamed--he just looked like a "Pepper" to me), still groggy from the anesthetic he had been given when he was neutered that afternoon.

"Take him home and just let him sleep," the vet told me.  She also checked his teeth when I asked her how old he was, and decided the he appeared to be about 5-6 years old.

I figured he'd pass out in the car, but he had other ideas.  He wanted to look out the window, he wanted to be in front with me.  He seemed to be kind of scared, but not really all that groggy once he was in the car.

We went out into the back yard as soon as we came home.  I figured if he'd been cooped up all day, there had to be something needed to come out.

What he deposited on the lawn would have done a Great Dane proud.  No wonder he wasn't groggy.

Kimba didn't seem to be too threatened and after a couple of warnings, Sheila, who (of course) wanted to play, was gentle with him.  He had been bitten by another dog and had developed two huge seromas on his back (fluid-filled lumps).

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Ashley had told me that Sheila couldn't really hurt him, but what with the post-anesthetic grogginess, I just wanted to give him a day to settle in.

And settle in he did.  I tried putting him in the cage to sleep, but he wanted none of that.  He didn't whine or cry or try to get out, he just sat there, trembling, head down, looking absolutely miserable, so I let him stay out, and he quickly found a place to sleep at my feet; I put down a towel for him to sleep on, rather than the cool Pergo.

Kimba wasn't exactly effusive, but when I discovered this sight...

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...Kimba allowing him to share her precious space under my desk...I knew that things were going to be all right.  (He has since apparently shoved her out, since he now sleeps under my desk when I'm working and she sleeps on the stairs).

By the second day, all evidence of anesthesia had gone and he was following me around like Kimba does all the time.  It was like having two living fuzzy black slippers, since they seemed to be on my feet most of the time.

By the third day, he was already starting to act territorial about the house--barking when the doorbell rang or people in adjoining yards were moving around.   He was asking to be picked up and put in my lap, and his tail, which had been kind of unresponsive initially, was wagging a lot.

He wasn't thrilled when I gave him a bath, but judging by the color of the water when I finished, it was long overdue--and he feels better to the touch now too.

PepperLap.jpg (39318 bytes)
(sleeping in my lap)

So I've opened the house to another foster dog and he goes off to Petco to see if he can find a permanent home.  He hasn't gotten to me the way Sydney did, but if it takes awhile for him to find a permanent place to stay, I won't mind having him around here for awhile.  It would be really fun if he actually got Kimba to be friendly with him, but if not, I'll settle for "tolerant."



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